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Moonstitch Grosgrain Ribbon

Price listed is for 5 Yards of High-Quality Moonstitch Grosgrain Ribbon. We think you're going to love it! It has a crochet edge that really adds a lot of style to our super popular high quality grosgrain ribbon! 100% Polyester. Made in the USA!

Please note that you will receive 5 yards of ribbon, not an actual hair bow.

Available Colors

Apple Green/Pink Stitching
Apple Green/White Stitching
Baby Pink/White Stitching
Black/Pink Stitching
Black/White Stitching
Blue/White Stitching
Brown/Pink Stitching
Brown/White Stitching
Cranberry/White Stitching
Creamsicle/White Stitching
Dark Royal/White Stitching
Deep Plum/White Stitching
Deep Purple/White Stitching
Dk.Navy/White Stitching
Dk.Orchid/White Stitching
Emerald/White Stitching
Hot Pink/White Stitching
Lemongrass/White Stitching
Maroon/White Stitching
Millennium Silver/White Stitching
Orange/White Stitching
Pink/White Stitching
Red/White Stitching
S.Pink/White Stitching
Turquoise/White Stitching
White/White Stitching
Yellow Gold/White Stitching
Yellow/White Stitching

Project Ideas

hair bows

hair bows

hair bows

We Ship Internationally