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Dazzle Grosgrain

Price listed is for 5 yards. This is a glittered grosgrain ribbon

Add a little DAZZLE to your designs!! This beautiful grosgrain is a little more stiff than our regular grosgrain, but still folds nicely into a hair bow. Available in 3 sizes and 36 great colors!

*Dazzle Grosgrain colors may not be an exact match to the Schiff Grosgrain colors of the same name. The Darker colors may have a green glitter.

Available Colors

*New* 02 Ivory
*New* 03 Moonstone
*New* 08 Azalea
*New* 13 Regal Purple
*New* 14 Delphinium
*New* 18 Mineral Ice
*New* 19 Aqua
*New* 21 Tropic Blue
*New* 26 Spring Moss
*New* 29 Moss
*New* 32 Torrid Orange
01 White
04 Light Pink
05 Sherbet
06 Hot Pink
07 Shocking Pink
09 Red
10 Wine
11 Light Orchid
12 Grape
15 Baby Maize
16 Daffodil
17 Yellow Gold
20 Blue Topaz
22 Turquoise
23 Teal
24 Electric Blue
25 Navy
27 Apple Green
28 Classic Green
30 Melon
31 Tangerine
33 Turftan
34 Shell Grey
35 Metal Grey
36 Black

Project Ideas

hair bows

hair bows

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