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M2MG Ribbon Mix

Each ribbon mix may vary slightly. You will receive 10 total yards of ribbon. **Depending on ribbon availability, substitutions may be made.

*Ribbon mixes are made and updated on a regular basis.

Available Colors

*New* Chevron & Dots
*New* Bright & Beachy
*New* Cherry Blossom
*New* Mermaid Party
*New* Sparkle Safari
*New* Stripes & Anchors
*New* Sunny Citrus
*New* Tropi-Cutie
Bright Owl
Color Happy
Falling for Feathers
Fancy Dalmatians
Fashionable Fox
Island Lily
Mousing Around
Peacock Petals
Purrfectly Fabulous
Snowflake Glamour
Star of the Show
Wild for Horses
Winter Peacock

Project Ideas

hair bows

hair bows

hair bows

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