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Seasonal Mixes

Each mix will come with a total of 10 yards -- enough to make 2 hair bows. **Depending on ribbon availability, substitutions may be made.

*Ribbon mixes are made and updated on a regular basis.

Available Colors

Bats & Skulls
Creepy Critter
Fright Night
Ghosts & Goblins
Gobble Gobble
Halloween Candy Corn
Happy Turkey Day
Harvest Treats
Haunted Highway
House of Stein
Jack O Lantern
Spooky Cats
Turkey Leftovers
Turkey Lurkey
Dancing Gingerbread
Frosty Friends
Ho Ho Ho
North Pole
Peppermint Swirl
Snow Flurries

Project Ideas

hair bows

hair bows

hair bows

We Ship Internationally