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1st Birthday Bib - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Baby’s 1st Birthday pictures are a huge deal! And you want baby to look as cute as possible! For girls, this is pretty easy with all the bows, tutus, necklaces, shoes, etc. Boys get Onesies for the most part. Do something different! Make your baby their own 1st Birthday Bib! These are especially cute for smash cake pictures!

Here are some more pictures of my little guy’s photo shoot. He loved the cake!

1st Birthday Bib Cake Smash Pictures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

*On a side note, those of you who have been following the blog for awhile, can you believe it’s been a year? Remember my post announcing His Birth? They change and grow so much in just a year. I’m so proud of my baby!

These 1st Birthday Bibs are super easy to make and only take a little bit of time. You can add Ric Rac, Ribbon, Ruffles, Bling, and so much more! Get creative.

– Supplies –

A bib to trace
2 Fat Quarters of contrasting Fabric (The 1 can be made with scraps too)
Heat n Bond Lite
Tear Away Stabilizer
Fusible Interfacing
Word program to print a “1” or free-hand it

To find and purchase the products, click the links.

Let’s start!

Take your bib and trace around it on a piece of paper, keeping the seam in mind.
I used a 3/8″ seam so I traced around my bib with that extra amount.

Bib to make a pattern

Trace around bib using seam.

After I traced mine, it looked kind of funny so I made some corrections to make it look more uniform.
My bibs are about three years old and kind of worn down. 🙂

Fix tracing if you'd like.

Cut your pattern out.

Fold your fabric in half with wrong sides together.
Using a marker (you can use a fabric marker if you’d like), trace your pattern.

Trace your pattern using a marker.

Then cut out your fabric. You should end up with two pieces, a front and back.

Cut out your fabric.

Now go to your computer and find a font you like and size that works best for your bib.
Print out your “1” and cut it out.

Print and cut out a 1.

Now cut out a piece of Heat n Bond, make sure it is just large enough for the 1.

Cut out heat n bond.

Iron your Heat n Bond onto the wrong side of your contrasting fabric for the 1.

Iron the heat n bond onto your contrasting fabric.

Take the print out of your 1 and trace it backwards onto the paper of the Heat n Bond.
Then cut it out.

Trace and cut out the one.

Next take off the paper side of your Heat n Bond, and place your fabric one onto the front side of your bib fabric. Iron it down.

Iron your one onto your bib fabric.

Cut out a little piece of Tear Away Stabilizer, big enough to surround the one.
Iron it on the wrong side of the bib fabric, right behind the one.

Iron stabilizer on wrong side behind the one.

Now satin stitch around the one. You can also just zig-zag stitch or do a straight stitch.

If you have never done a satin stitch, definitely plan on practicing.
See tutorials on our Ribbon Shamrock Shirt post and our Birthday Shirt post.

Satin stitch around the one.

The stabilizer helps keep the fabric from puckering, which is so nice!
And when you’re done, gently tear it away from the stitching, both the outside and inside of the stitch.

Tear away stabilizer.

Cut out your fusible interfacing using your paper pattern as a guide.
Iron it onto the wrong side of the front fabric for the bib (this now has a one on it.)

Iron fusible interfacing on wrong side of bib front.

Pin your fabric pieces for the bib, right sides together.

Pin bib right sides together.

Sew using a 3/8″ seam (or whatever seam you planned for.)
Make sure to leave an opening to turn the bib right side out and back stitch.

Sew around the bib, leaving an opening.

Clip the curved edges, be sure to not clip the thread.

Clip the curved edges.

Turn the bib right side out.

Turn bib right side out.

Iron flat. Make sure to pull the edges out as much as you can.

Press the bib.

You can close the opening with hand sewing, or close it by top stitching around the bib.
Top stitching is what I did. Start at the opening and go all the way around the bib. Stay close to the edge.

Top stitch the opening closed and continue around the bib.

Cut out two small pieces of Velcro.

Cut out two small pieces of velcro.

Place the two pieces of Velcro where they are supposed to go.
Test it and make sure they are going on the right sides for fastening.

Place velcro where you need for fastening.

Sew the Velcro to the bib.

Sew the velcro to the bib.

And you’re all finished!!

1st Birthday Bib - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

You can make some cute diaper covers to match as well.
I didn’t have time to make a tutorial, but you can find one here.
I would go up a size when you use the pattern in the link.

1st Birthday Smash Cake Picture - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Oh look at that mess! I love those chocolate covered rolls.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and can make some cute bibs for Baby’s 1st Birthday!

~ Shirley ~

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  1. Julie Anne Beck
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    Awesome bib Shirley! Thanks for sharing this!

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