4th of July Placemat & Center Piece

4th of July Placemat & Center Piece - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}I just LOVE the 4th of July!  During the next month I will show you a few really fun ideas to craft for the 4th of July.  Isn’t it always so fun to have a center piece on your table that 1) makes you excited about the holiday coming up and 2) gives you a little sense of pride knowing that you made it yourself?  I ordered 3 different 4th of July ribbons and went to my stash for the rest.  I just used anything that was red white or blue.  I must say it is SO nice to have a stash of ribbon to use for random projects!  I got a LOT of my stash from ordering grab bags.  They come with various colors and sizes of ribbon.  The ribbon is usually 1-5 yards in length.  It is a very inexpensive way to build up your very own stash!  You never know what project may come up that you could use the ribbon on.  I will tell you each of the ribbons I used just in case you want to use these very ones.  I used: 1 1/2″ Tomato Grosgrain7/8″ Dark Royal, 1 1/2″ Mystic Blue, 7/8″ Stars and Stripes1 1/2″ American Flag, 1 1/2″ Dark Navy Stripes, 1 1/2″ Red Stripes, 7/8″ Dark Navy with White Polka Dots, 3/8″ Red with White Swiss dots,  3/8″ American flag and a little less than 2 yards of 3/4″ Navy Ric Rac( for the edges). I used 7/8″ Stars and Stripes and 1 1/2″ American flag twice.  I just did one placemat and put it in the center of the kitchen island, but it would look amazing to do a set for the table!  You could even do a table runner!   


I got my placemat at the Dollar Store.  I think I may like the Dollar Store just as much as my kids sometimes! LOL 

I chose to attach the ribbon to my placemat in horizontal stripes.  For this method you will measure the placemat’s width to know what length to cut your ribbon.  (See picture below).

If you want to do vertical stripes you would measure the length (from top to bottom) to know the length to cut your ribbon.  (Method not pictured).

My placemat was 18 1/2″ so I cut my ribbon to exactly that. 


I lined the ribbon on the place mat as I was cutting them to see where I liked them and what sizes I should use to have it cover the placemat perfectly.  The size of my placemat is 18 1/2″ x 13″.  I’m sure that is the standard size.  I ended up using 6 pieces of    1 1/2″ ribbon, 3 pieces of 7/8″ ribbon, and 2 pieces of 3/8″ ribbon. 

After you are done cutting your ribbon pieces you will want to seal the edges.  I used a candle.


Some of my ribbon pieces lost some length when I sealed them.  It may be better to leave a little extra length to account for that.  It won’t matter too much though, since the edges will be covered with ric rac.


Now that you have all your ribbon cut, line them up in the order you want them to be on the placemat and set them aside.  Take your first ribbon and put it right on the edge of the placemat.  Sew it onto the placemat with a wide zig zag stitch.


I’m going to show you a lesson I learned…

I sewed the other side of the ribbon down with my zig zag stitch.  After I had done this I realized I could sew both ribbons down at the same time with the zig zag stitch. 

See the unnecessary stitching? 

The next time I secured both ribbon edges down at the same time.  This looks so much better!

 Continue sewing each piece of ribbon to the placemat until you get to the end.  As you can see my ribbon pieces do not all come to the edge of the placemat.  You are probably better than me and won’t do this!  Ric rac still looks cute as the trim, but you will sleep so good at night knowing how nice and even your ribbon pieces were!  If however your ribbon pieces DO look mine then thank heaven for ric rac!

 Sew your ric rac to the edge of the placemat, I continued using my same zig zag stitch.  Take the entire piece of ric rac and match it up to one edge.  Sew right down the middle of the ric rac.  When you get to the corner keep your needle down, (through the placemat) lift up the presser foot and turn the placemat so you can start sewing the next edge.  Repeat this step on the rest of the corners until you have sewn on the ric rac to all the edges.  Don’t forget to backstitch at start and finish.  Cut the remaining ric rac and seal the edges with the method of your choice.

 My placemat was a bit wavy so I sprayed it with a little spray starch and ironed it.  It is now nice and crisp and smells like lavender. 🙂

4th of July Placemat & Center Piece - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}To Make the center piece I got a vase I had lying around and used the GlueGlider Pro to attach ribbon to the top and ric rac to the bottom.  (I only put the double sided tape at the start and finish, not around the whole vase).  I used the GlueGlider Pro because I want to be able to take the ribbon/ric rac off the vase if decide to do something else with it.  

I used the GlueGlider Pro to layer 3 ribbons.  (1 1/2″ Tomato 7/8 Dark Navy and 3/8″ white).  I did a knotted center with 3/8″ American Flag ribbon.

I used TOTT Instructions to make the pinwheel bow.  

4th of July Placemat & Center Piece - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

I put some decorative marbles in the vase and called it a day. 🙂  I am feeling a bit more patriotic and I’m loving it!  Make one… heck make a whole set!  Maybe you could even make a table runner! 

4th of July Placemat & Center Piece - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

Side veiw.

Happy crafting!

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    I love this! In fact, I may just have to make a whole table runner!

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