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Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogHello, I’m Rebeca, the owner of Clips N Things. Thank you for joining me for this tutorial. I’ve based the ideas here on the taggie blankets. Lots of kids, including my own, love their blankies with all the ribbon tags. So many projects can be turned into “taggies” and today I will be showing you how to make a taggie soother clip, bracelet and car seat toy strap.

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThis is also a great way to use up any odds and ends you have from leftover ribbon. The car seat toy strap also works for attaching toys so that they don’t fall when your child is playing with them.

I used the grab bags of ribbon for this tutorial, and I want to say that a grab bag is a lot of ribbon, and I mean A LOT!!!

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogBaby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogI wonder if crafting is hereditary, because in this picture of my daughter opening the ribbon, she looks super excited. The second and third picture show how much ribbon there was once it’s rolled.

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThe items I used are:
Ribbon Grab Bag
Satin Ribbon Grab Bag
Ric Rac
Sewing machine
Suspender Clips
Snap Buttons
¼” Skinny Elastic
Heat Sealing Tool or Lighter

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogLet’s start off with the basics.

We are using the same technique for all the items, just different lengths and different attachments at the ends. I used grab bags of ribbon to get different ribbons and different textures, grosgrain, satin and ric rac. Cut different colours, widths and textures of ribbon in to 4” pieces. Heat sealing the ends is optional. Put them aside and let’s start creating out items.

For the soother clip you will need to measure out 2 pieces 8” in length of 7/8” ribbon. For the bracelet, you will need to measure loosely around the child’s wrist, approximately 5”. For the car seat strap, cut 2 pieces 24” of 7/8” ribbon.

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogLet’s begin with the soother clip. Start by sewing the short side of one ribbon over the other, closed. Insert your suspender clip between the ribbons.

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogStarting at one corner, as close to the suspender clip as you can, sew along the edge. Insert a “taggie” piece of ribbon folded in half and sew over it to secure it. I added mine in every 1”-1.5”. You may pin your pieces of ribbon together before sewing, or like I did, just add them in as you’re sewing along. Keep going around until you get to the end of the ribbon.

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogYou will need a 6” piece of elastic with the ends knotted together and a suspender clip. Insert your looped elastic, knot between the ribbons, and sew across to secure it in place. Keep going along the long end adding your other “taggie” pieces, and making sure they are staggered. DONE!!

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogFor the bracelet, you will be using the snap buttons to make it into a bracelet. You will notice there are 3 different pieces in the kit. One of them is a ring with spikes. You will need 2 of those. The other piece looks like 2 circles within each other and the other one has a knob sticking out. You will use one of each. On the end of the first ribbon you will attach your snap clip using the tool provided in the kit and a hammer.

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogInsert the circle with spikes through the back of the ribbon so just the spikes come through. Place the circle with the knob over the spikes, lay the blue tool over this piece and give it a quick hammer to lock it in. This is a bit tricky, but if you have trouble you can always YouTube how to use them. Repeat this process with the other piece of the snap button (2 circles within each other and circle with spikes) on the end of the SECOND ribbon piece.

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogLayer your ribbons with the snaps on OPPOSITE ends. Sew around your ribbon pieces, using the same sewing technique as the soother clip, adding the “taggie” bits as you go along.

And, you’re DONE !!

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogTo make the car seat strap, you will be adding suspender clips at the end of each ribbon. Sew the one end shut, insert BOTH suspender clips and sew the other end shut. Start in one corner as close to the suspender clip as possible, and sew along the side adding the “taggie” bits along. Continue on the other side making sure the suspender clips get attached at the ends.

Baby Taggie Tutorials - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThis is what they will look like when done!!

Here are some “TIPS” I learned while making these:
• Wider satin ribbon looks nice when it’s cinched before sewing
• Leave room for your sewing machine foot to fit between the end of the ribbon and the snap clip, if not it gets thick and hard to sew the end shut.
• Add your “taggie” pieces in a staggered position.

I hope you can use this tutorial to make all of these “taggie” items plus more!!!
!!!!! HAPPY CRAFTING !!!!!!

Taggie projects are so much fun and so rewarding for your kiddos. They make great Baby Shower gifts and are quick and easy to create! If you have a great movie on hand and a bowl of popcorn, sit down at your sewing machine and whip out a handful of these cute taggie items while watching your flick!
Thank you Rebeca! For more great projects by Rebeca, visit her at Clips N Things.

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What gift do you LOVE to give as a Baby Shower gifts?

Happy Creating & Happy Taggies!
Signature - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

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