Back To School Pillow Covers

Reminisce with me for just one minute back about a month ago when we were having a major red, white and blue party and EVERY project was showing our American Pride. Are you envisioning those days of cuteness exploding everywhere and a sea of stars and stripes on almost every project? On one particular day, my cute friend Staci from The Potters Place, shared an EASY PEASY tutorial on jazzing up your decorative pillows with pillow covers perfect for every holiday, season or special event? Sweet huh!!! Staci is back today sharing another super cute, super easy pillow cover that is yelling….the bus is coming, grab your lunch and make sure you do your homework, because it is Back To School time and these pillows are perfect for this bus riding, pencil sharpening and roll calling time of year! Enjoy!!

Back To School Pillows Covers - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
It’s that time of year again, when all of the stores are selling crayons, pens, and pencils by the tubs full, notebooks, backpacks and back to school clothes at a discounted price.  It actually makes me really sad because I hate to see summer come to an end. So, having said that, it is also time to change out the pillows on my couch.  I found the cutest material that was so fitting for back to school.

Back To School Pillows Covers - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Knick Knack Pillow Covers Apple of My Eye
For my couch I have a 20in X 20in pillow, a 14in X 14in pillow and a 14in X 10in pillow.  I use the same pillows but switch out the covers, that way they are easy to store with each holiday.

The pillow we will cover measures 14in X 14in so my fabric measurements will be 14in X 14in and (2) 14in X 9in. I did these pillow covers the same size so it is a little tighter fit.

Back To School Pillows Covers - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

First, hem up one side of the two 9in sides {this will be the back of the pillow where it makes an envelope}.

Back To School Pillows Covers - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Next, with ride sides together sew the envelope side (the 2 9in pieces you just sewed together) and the front piece together.

Back To School Pillows Covers - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Turn it over and ENJOY!

Back To School Pillows Covers - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

One of the reasons that I love these adorable pillow covers is because when it comes to storing time, you just fold this baby up and gently put it in a baggie until next year. It is so much easier to store pillow covers then a whole pillow. Your storage room thanks you, and you will most definitely thank yourself for this space saver project! The second reason I love these covers is because with just a little bit of work, you can have the cutest and most festive pillows for every holiday, season and special event that comes your way! FABulous!!!

Thank you Staci for sharing this great, easy and budget friendly project with us! Make sure to stop by and say hi to Staci at The Potters Place where you will find her crafting away with her kiddos, giving great tips about fitness and sharing ways to enjoy life!

I LOVE decorative pillows. However…confession time, I recently only have about two that I put out during the year. Sad, huh?!? Looks like I better get my craft on and take care of this little problem!!! Are you needing some super cute and festive decorative pillows like me? Check out these awesome tutorials that is sure to fix your problem and mine!!!!

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Patriotic Ribbon Flag Pillow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Like mentioned above, I currently only have two festive pillows. One for Halloween and one for Christmas. How many do you have?

Back To School Pillows Covers - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Pillow Covers!
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    That flag pillow is kinda cute.

    • The Ribbon Retreat
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      Hi! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day! Michelle 🙂

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