Bag Lady Series Week 1, Pattern & Supplies

Bag Lady Series Week 1, Pattern & Supplies - The Ribbon Retreat BlogWelcome, Welcome, Welcome…to our Bag Lady Series Week 1!

I am so, SO excited for this awesome series, because #1 I know what AMAZING bag tutorials are coming your way.
#2…I am 100% a bag lady! I love bags, purses, clutches… bags and more bags! I might have a small collection that may possibly be growing a tiny bit faster then my husband approves of. Hehe! AND reason #3…I cannot wait for the giveaway at the end of this month where we are giving away BRAND NEW Kati Cupcake fabric (so brand new it is not even released to the public yet.) WAHOOOOOOOOOO!

I am also super excited about this series, because I have never made a bag before. So, I might possibly be very nervous about making my first bag, but my excitement totally out weights my nerves and I can’t wait to sew it along with all of you. So…should we do this? Are you a little nervous too?
Deep breath, air high 5 and let’s begin… 🙂

Step 1: Pick Out A Bag Pattern! (Ask yourself…what do I want my bag to do for me?)
Bag Lady Series Week 1, Pattern & Supplies - The Ribbon Retreat BlogWith all of the incredible bag patterns available, you may be asking yourself how you could possible pick one bag. I thought the same thing! So, the first thing I had to decide was what I wanted my bag to be used for. Was I looking for an overnight bag? A little purse or clutch? A bag for church? I could definitely use a new bag for all of those things, but I decided I wanted to make an everyday bag that I could use as a diaper bag/purse. However, I also wanted to make a bag that was super, SUPER cute and functional to use at a most important event I will be attending in April.

This event is incredible and a place where some very amazingly talented people will be. This event is called SNAP!, (an awesome, awesome blogging conference that is 3 days of parties, fun and lots of learning!). With this in mind, I knew exactly what bag I wanted to make that would be super fun and look ADORABLE on my shoulder. Wink, wink! With all of that in mind, I chose my bag!

What about you? Have you picked out the perfect bag for you yet? If you haven’t…it is not too late. Click here to see all of the incredible patterns we have for you to chose from. There is one there calling your name.

The bag I have chosen to make for our fun series…is the adorable Carry On Bag designed by the incredible Kati Cupcake.

Bag Lady Series Week 1, Pattern & Supplies - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThe second I saw this bag, I knew I really, really wanted to make it. I am a mama of little ones, so I LOVE all of the pockets on both the front and the back of the bag. Once opened, this bag also has nice sized pockets on the inside perfect for holding a couple of diapers, wipes and toys! This bag is the perfect mama bag AND a perfect everyday bag that is extremely modern and trendy. I can’t wait to make it, use it, and to show it off at SNAP!

Step 2: Pick Out Fabric! (Ask yourself…what do I want my bag to say?)
Bag Lady Series Week 1, Pattern & Supplies - The Ribbon Retreat BlogWhen I decided to make a bag, I thought picking out the pattern was definitely going to be the hardest part of this process….I was SO WRONG! The hardest part for me so far, was to pick out the fabric. I knew I wanted it to be bright and loud, cute and trendy, and to scream Michelle. Holy cow…it was so hard. I walked around our store for a good hour+ just looking and looking trying to decide how to accomplish the look I was seeking. Finally after thinking and stewing, I decided on what, I think, is an adorable combination of cuteness, bright, trendy and what fits my personality.
Drum roll please………

Bag Lady Series Week 1, Pattern & Supplies - The Ribbon Retreat BlogWhat do you think? Have you picked out the perfect fabric for your bag? If you haven’t, no worries…again, you still have plenty of time. We have a FABulous fabric selection and there are a TON of options for you to create your bag with, that will reflect you PERFECTLY! And, guess what…we now have a wonderful addition to the fabric portion of our website and it rocks! We now have 25%, 35% and 45% off categories that are chuck full of fabric on sale.

When you have your pattern, make sure to pay close attention to the amount of fabric you need to purchase to complete your bag. On the back of my Carry On pattern, all of the pieces of the bag have been broken down into individual fabric pieces. For example, the pattern gives the exact amount of fabric needed for the:

Main Outside & Outside Flap
Lining & Front Pocket
Outside Pockets
Inside Pockets
Straps & Bottom/bottom lining
Strap Accent
Strap Accent Covers & Closure Accents
Pocket Flap Accents

Because of the bag being broken down into individual parts, we had to do just a little bit of math to make sure I was getting all of the fabric required.

Step 3: Get ALL Other Supplies (Hardware, Stabilizers, Thread, etc.)

Bag Lady Series Week 1, Pattern & Supplies - The Ribbon Retreat BlogOn your pattern, you will also find the other supplies needed to complete your bag. To complete my Carry On bag, along with fabric, I also needed to pick up some Fusible Fleece, Peltex and Decor Bond all of which give the bag structure and stiffness. Other supplies that are recommended are a 1/4″ foot (for my sewing machine), a water soluble pen, and thread to match. Last but not least, the hardware…my favorite part. This bag requires a Rectangle Ring, a Swivel Latch and D Rings.

Alright…there you have it! I officially have all I need to complete my bag. I am so excited, and I can’t wait to hear how your pattern and fabric choices are coming…if you haven’t already chosen them. Again, make sure to read your pattern carefully to ensure you get all of the supplies needed to create your bag.

Good luck everyone. We will see you next Monday where we will cut out the pieces of our bag. Get those scissors sharpened and let’s cut some fabric! Thanks so much for joining along in this fun series and being my cheerleaders as I create (and many of us create) our very first bags EVER!

Happy Creating & Happy Bag Ladies!
Signature - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

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  1. Posted January 6, 2014 at 5:07 pm | Permalink

    My daughter and I are coming to your store tomorrow to pick our stuff out! We are excited!! This is a great project for her to learn to sew. Thanks tons!!

    • Posted January 6, 2014 at 8:41 pm | Permalink

      Hi Kathleen! Yay! I am so excited! You will love the store and the ladies in there! Have so much fun picking out your supplies! Thank you so much and good luck with your bags! Michelle 🙂

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