Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag

Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag - The Ribbon Retreat BlogBefore we get started, I have a confession to make…..I was so SO nervous to start cutting out my bag. I mean…SO nervous! I didn’t want to make any mistakes, waste any fabric (hehehe), and I surely didn’t want to cut something out twice, because I cut it out wrong the first time. I was extremely worried that I would not know how to read the pattern correctly or worse, that I wouldn’t know what the instructions or a phrase, or a word meant. I was pretty panicked!
How about you? Are you a newbie to bag making land? I am so glad I am not alone. 🙂

At this point, you might be asking yourself why I am confessing something so silly…right? Well, I told you all of that because I was totally TOTALLY impressed by how amazing the instructions were laid out, written, illustrated, etc on how to cut out my Carry On bag! Kati Cupcake…I L.O.V.E you even more now! I, Michelle…brand new bag maker, successfully cut out all pieces of the Carry On bag all by myself and understood every word! Can I get a big WAHOOO? Can I get an even bigger WAHOOOOOOOO for all of you who have also already cut out or are going to be cutting out your bags! If you have cut out your bag…great job. If you haven’t yet…you can do it! I am cheering you on from my little abode and know you can do it! 🙂

Like we discussed last week, all of the supplies needed for your bag will be listed on/in your pattern. Here is my craziness of supplies spread out for me to look out while possible feeling a little wee bit overwhelmed…big gulp!

Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Deep breaths…Here we go….

Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog1. Trace all of your pattern pieces. Your pattern will tell you exactly how many pieces you will need to trace.
*Make sure you read very carefully how many of each pattern pieces you will need and from what material…fabric, fusible web, decor bond, peltex, etc.

Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag - The Ribbon Retreat BlogAfter you are done tracing all of your pattern pieces, you will have an awesome pile just like this.

Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog2. Attach your pattern piece to your fabric, I pinned my pieces to my fabric, and cut along pattern piece.

Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag - The Ribbon Retreat BlogMake sure you cut out all of the pieces from all of the different materials…
Outside and inside fabric, Fusible Fleece, Decor Bond, Peltex, etc. Cut…cut…cut!

Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag - The Ribbon Retreat BlogWaaaaa-Laaaa look at that beautiful pile of pattern pieces all cut out and ready to be assembled! I LOVE the looks of that pile!

While I was cutting out my bag pieces, I discovered a couple of tricks that really worked for me.

Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag - The Ribbon Retreat BlogFirst…Place a piece of tape on your traced pattern piece where you are going to place your pin to pin the pattern to the fabric before cutting. The tape will help keep your traced piece from ripping.

Bag Lady Series Week 2, Cutting Out Your Bag - The Ribbon Retreat BlogSecond…Label everything you cut out. Somethings you cut out will not have a pattern piece to go with it. Putting a little label on these pieces will help you keep them straight and eliminate error when assembling and sewing your bag.

I also absolutely loved a few tricks/tips that Kati Cupcake herself shares, in her pattern, that really REALLY helped me. If you haven’t already cut your bag out, I hope you find these little tid bits helpful. If you have already cut out your bag…what advice do you have for the rest of us that you can add?

#1. The instructions asked me to read the whole pattern through before I started to cut anything!

What a great idea! This was most helpful to me when I read a note that told me the easiest way to cut a piece in “reverse.” Because I had read this note prior to cutting, it saved me a lot of time. However, I wish I would have read the whole thing prior to buying all of my supplies because my pattern suggests to trace all of the pattern pieces onto freezer paper or light weight pellon…which I did not have. So, I improvised with something I had at home that, cross your fingers, is going to work in the end. I think it did but please continue to cross your fingers just in case. 🙂

So in the future…I will read the whole pattern/instructions to make sure that all supplies are purchased, even the ones that may not be listed in the supply list!! Lesson learned.

#2. The cutting instructions were printed on my instruction booklet but also on the pattern pieces itself.

I loved this, because the cutting instructions clearly stated the number of pieces I would need to cut from what material and how many reverse pieces were also needed. However, on the pattern pieces it was also clearly printed in big bold letters exactly how many pieces I would need to cut and how many were reverse. This was super helpful, because it eliminated me having to look back and forth from instructions to pattern pieces and loose my place or possibly get confused. This little trick is pure genius!

#3. There was a clear picture of exactly how to lay the pattern pieces on the fabric.

Do you remember a couple of days ago I introduced our brand new YouTube videos and talked about the different kind of learners. Well, this awesome little pattern guide has not only very clear and easy to understand written instructions but the best pictures too! Who doesn’t love pictures? I LOVE that this pattern shows how to lay your pattern pieces on your fabric to help reduce waste. It also shows how to lay your fabric out so your pieces are laid correctly next to the selvage edge with wrong sides of the fabric together!

I learned something new…again! I would have laid my fabric out with wrong sides together, but I would not have laid my pattern pieces on the fabric correct in correlation to the selvage edges. I am sure that is something that I should have known, but again I am new to this bag thing and also to patterns. Yikes…again! 🙂

What new tricks and tips did you learn by cutting out your bag? If you haven’t cut your bag out, please let us know what you learned from cutting your bag out as soon as you do it. I would love to hear more tips and tricks so I can learn how to improve my skills so I can continue to make bags and more bags!

Now that your bag is all cut out, are you ready for next week? It is the big week where we are actually going to sew our bags to completion. I am beyond excited to sew it up next week and to show it off the following Monday. Don’t forget….we are going to be linking up all of the bags we have made in our AWESOME Bag Lady Link Party! I can’t wait to see all you have created and to witness, first hand, all of your amazing talents. You do not have to have a blog or etsy shop to link up…so please link up those bags. The more the merrier! And remember…5 of the bags that are linked up will actually be featured in our “FAB Creations By You”…AND if your bag is one of the 5 chosen to be featured…there will be a prize just for you!!!!

And last by surely not least…the best part…don’t forget that we are giving away an assortment of Kati Cupcake’s BRAND NEW fabric line. This fabric will not even be released for sale yet to the public. That is right…the winner of our giveaway will be the 1st one to get their hands on this brand new…BRAND NEW fabric right from Kati Cupcake herself. I cannot tell you how exciting this is! Remember to check in everyday to see our daily bag project, link up the your Bag Lady bag(s) in our link party, and make sure to enter for your chance to win this amazing prize on Monday, January 27th.

Good luck with cutting out your pattern, and we will see you next Monday for some major sewing!

Happy Creating & Happy Bag Ladies!
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