Big Tulle Bow

Big bows, big bows…who loves big bows? I surely do, and I think a lot of you might too! When my little girl was born, my siblings would always say that the bows I put on her head where bigger than her actual head. I would just laugh, because they are just crazy…maybe a little right, but still a little on the crazy side! I think they were just jealous that I hadn’t made them a great big bow they could wear around! LOL! Shirley is here today, sharing the written tutorial for the adorable Big Tulle Bow she shared last week for our YouTube Thursday! This bow is big, beautiful, brilliant and just plain Bow-a-licious! Enjoy!

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
This Big Tulle Bow is so easy and fun to make. It also makes a big statement and I love it! We use 3″ spools of tulle for this big bow. If you want to see an even bigger bow, check out the Jumbo Tulle Bow video that was posted last week on The Ribbon Retreat YouTube channel. Just click the link.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

3″ spool of tulle
something to wrap the tulle around
needle and thread
lined clip
small piece of ribbon
hot glue gun


Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Our first step is wrapping the tulle around our object. I’m using a small children’s book. Just make sure that it is something with smooth sides so you an easily remove the tulle after we’re done wrapping. I wrap about 10-13 times all the way around the object.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Make sure that you line up the edges really closely.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
When you’re done wrapping, end on the same side that you started on. Take some scissors and snip the tulle.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Then slide off the tulle from the object.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Now fold the tulle in half and then bring the edges back to the middle.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Take your needle and thread through the center. Pull it through and wrap the thread around the bow. Make sure to do it very lightly so the bow keeps it’s shape. Just wrap a few times to make sure it’s secure and then take a couple stitches in the back and snip the thread.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Now time for the center.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Get your tulle and your lined clip and piece of ribbon (make sure the ends are sealed).

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Line your clip with hot glue and place it on the back of your bow.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Get a long piece of tulle, somewhere around 12 inches.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Fold it in half twice. Make sure the sides line up.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Open your clip and place hot glue on the inside. Put your folded up tulle on the glue. Let it cool. Then carefully wrap your tulle around the bow. When you like how it looks (and it’s covered up the thread) place some more hot glue down and fold over for the last time.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Cut your excess tulle.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Line the clip with a little hot glue and put on your small piece of ribbon. This just gives the bow a more finished look.

Big Tulle Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
And you are done! See, isn’t it easy?

I love these tulle bows. They really dress up an outfit or bring some life to the party. Make sure to check out The Ribbon Retreat’s amazing tulle selection! The 3″ spools are perfect for these cute bows!

Thank you Shirley for sharing this beeeeautifully terrific Big Tulle Bow with us! I am absolutely in love and can’t wait to make about 20 in all different colors of tulle for my little girl’s hair and fun decor around my home. I also think this big ol’ bow would look brilliant pinned to my favorite bag! Yummy!

Are you loving this great big bow too? Tulle is such a fabulous crafty supply to work with. It is easy to maneuver and manipulate for so many different uses. I truly love this stuff. Here are a few more fabulous tulle projects that are equally as fun and adorable!

Patriotic Ribbon and Tulle Wreath - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

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Tulle, tulle, tulle…I just can’t get enough of tulle and if you’re also chanting that right along with me, make sure to head over to The Ribbon Retreat to see our fabulous and incredible selection of tulle. We carry normal tulle in 45 gorgeous colors. And, if you are a little more about the bling we even have a tulle just for you. It is called our Glimmer Tulle and it comes in 28 glimmery colors! You are going to LOVE all, I mean ALL of our tulle. And, one more thing…we even carry most of our tulle in 3″ and 6″ widths to accomodate your next fabulous tulle project! Find all of our tulle and glimmer tulle HERE!

Big Tulle Bow, The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Tulle!
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  1. Pat C.
    Posted July 24, 2015 at 6:48 pm | Permalink

    ::fans self:: Just when I had gotten used to the idea of 6-inch wide tulle, I find out that there are now 3-inch spools!! Besides using it to make pretty bows (thank you, Shirley!), one could tuck a teensy bit of the narrower tulle in a semi-fan shape behind a flower on a headband, or use a larger piece of it to create an extra layer on a, well, layered bow! xoxo

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