Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hey everyone! I love collecting ornaments for my Christmas tree. But, they can get expensive fast!
Today I’m going to show you an inexpensive, fast, and easy ornament.

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament - The Ribbon Retreat BlogAll items used for this project can be purchased at The Ribbon Retreat. You will need:

Bottle Caps
Epoxy Dots
Split Rings
Bottle Cap Images
1” Hole Punch
Punch Pliers
Bakers Twine

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament - The Ribbon Retreat BlogI love working with the flattened bottle caps, but any type will work for this project.

Start by using the Punch Pliers to punch holes in your Bottle Caps. Punch a top and bottom hole in two Bottle Caps.
Then, punch only one hole in the third Bottle Cap.

This tool is amazing and so easy & fun to use!

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament - The Ribbon Retreat BlogNow punch out your Bottle Cap Images. I like to turn the punch upside down for accuracy.

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament - The Ribbon Retreat BlogAdd a bit of E6000 to the back of your images and apply them to the Bottle Caps. I’ve found best results by taking the glue out to the edge of the image. Then it’s not lifting off the Bottle Cap in your finished project.

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament - The Ribbon Retreat BlogOnce the E6000 is set, it doesn’t need to be all the way dry, add your Epoxy Dots to the tops of the images. Be very careful to only touch the edges of the Epoxy Dots. Otherwise, you will have fingerprints in your project.

**Note: It wasn’t until I was putting the ornament together before I realized I’d need top and bottom holes in two of the Bottle Caps. It’s a much nicer hole if you punch before the Epoxy Dot is attached.

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament - The Ribbon Retreat BlogAdd your Split Rings to the Bottle Caps and connect them to each other.

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThen tie a piece of Bakers Twine to the top and put your ornament on your tree!

I love how cute this little ornament turned out! The Bakers Twine is my favorite part! You could personalize them with pictures or even add scrapbook paper. How fun would it be to give these away as little gifts?

Until next time,

Thank you Brynde! What a fun, festive, and FABulous ornament. This ornament is so cute and will really bring personality, and your personal style to your tree. There are so many different Bottle Cap Images to choose from or like Brynde said you could personalize them even more with photos of family, friends, pets, or fun events from the year. Even using scrapbook paper, gift wrap, or pages from old books would look adorable. These cute little ornaments would be perfect on your tree or wrapped up cute in a sweet little package for a family member, neighbor or friend. However you choose to use these ornaments, they are adorable and so perfect for this joyful time of year!

What else could you use these fun ornaments for? What about on a key ring, zipper pull, earrings, necklace, bracelet, or even a garland. You can reduce or add the number of bottle caps you use, to make your ornament as long or short as you prefer. However you use them, Bottle Caps are so fun and easy to work with!

Did you love this tutorial? Check out these other brilliant Bottle Cap projects.

What is your favorite Bottle Cap craft?

Happy Creating & Happy Bottle Caps!
Signature - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

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  1. Martha
    Posted December 17, 2013 at 10:44 am | Permalink

    This ornament is SO cute and clever!! Thanks, Brynde!

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