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Bow Board, YouTube Video - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Are you ready to get your collection of super adorable hair bows organized and hung in a way that you can easily find the perfect bow for that perfect outfit? I absolutely love all of the hair bows I have made/collected in the last few years, but oh my goodness…they are all a mess thrown in a drawer, making it so very difficult to quickly find the bow I am looking for. Sheeeesh! The “bow drawer” at our house is quite the mess! So, I am extremely excited for today’s brand new video tutorial that is not only reallllly cute but so great for solving the messy bow issue I am currently facing!

This project is so easy to make and will quickly bring relief to your home…believe me, this project is going to change your life! Hehe! Let’s get started!

Ribbon 7/8″-1 1/2″
*Shirley used 1 1/2″
Hot Glue Gun
Optional – Needle and Thread to make decorative bow

Get All Of Your Supplies
Enjoy learning how to make this adorable Bow Board!

Great video, great project and great idea Shirley! Thanks for sharing this fabulousness with us! I really, really love organization tips and tricks and this great Bow Board is wonderful for getting all of the bows, in our homes, all nice and organized and easy to grab! Amazing right?!? Who doesn’t need a little extra organization in their lives? I know I sure could and the fact that this new organization tool is covered in ribbon and has a cute decorative bow, makes it all the better!

Not only am I in love with organization projects, I am also in love with The Ribbon Retreat’s video tutorials. They are so great, easy to follow and so easy to learn from. I have learned how to create so many incredible hair bows and other innovative crafts from watching our video tutorials, that all appear on our amazing Ribbon Retreat YouTube Channel. If you aren’t familiar with our channel…you are going to love it! We have videos that are perfect for everyone that teach how to create professional looking hair bows, tutus lined with gorgeous satin ribbon, ribbon sculptures and so much more! Would you like to see for yourself all of those fabulous videos? Check out all of our video tutorialss HERE!

Here are a few of the video tutorials you will find when visiting our channel…

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Are you ready to get all organized?? The Ribbon Retreat is the perfect location for you to get all of your organizing/crafting supply shopping done. You can check ribbon, lace, flowers, buttons, resins, gems and don’t forget the felt, off of your shopping list. Make sure to stop by our one stop crafty shop right HERE to get all of your crafting and organizing supplies!

Happy Creating & Happy YouTube Videos!
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