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When I was younger, my mom had a quart jar FULL of nothing but buttons. Small ones, big ones and some of every color. I loved to dump out the buttons and look at each and every one and their unique qualities. You could tell some were very old and had a story all their own. It was so fun to imagine where they all came from! Do you have a bunch of buttons laying around your house, or possibly a jar full of them too? Today Cherie is sharing the funnest Button Necklace in town! This cute necklace is full of buttony goodness and is the perfect project to use your collection of buttons on! Enjoy!

Button Necklace Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Button button, who’s got the button? Today I’ll be showing you how to use our Skinny Elastic and Color Blend Buttons to make a cute necklace.

Color Blend Button Package
Skinny Elastic
Needle or Wire
Mini Vintage Rosette Bow
Crown Resin
Hot Glue

Color Blend Teal and Black Grey Skinny Elastic Mini Vintage Rosette Bow Turquoise Black Crown
Button Necklace Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Since I didn’t have a large needle or the desire to go to the store and buy one, I made one out of floral wire, which I also like to use for some of my bows and other crafting. Wire always seems to come in handy! You could make this needle too. It’s really just folding the wire in half and twisting.

Button Necklace Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Thread your skinny elastic.

Button Necklace Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Take the needle and elastic through button holes and scrunch the buttons close together.

Button Necklace Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
When there are four holes just go through two of them. Continue threading buttons.

Button Necklace Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
For the focal point of the necklace I added a Mini Vintage Rosette Bow. So cute! I just took the needle and elastic through the ribbon center in the back of the bow.

Button Necklace Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I added a crown resin to take the necklace over the top! When you are done with the necklace simply tie a double or triple knot it the elastic and you’re done!

Button Necklace Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Here’s my princess loving it! What a sassy girl!
I hope you try this out! It was really fun to make!

Thank you Cherie! What a fun necklace! I love your addition of the bow and resin! It adds so much to the necklace and makes it look so trendy and terrific for all. With all of the fun Color Blend Button Packs, you could make a sweet necklace just like this one in so many different colors to match any and every outfit!

Even though I am a little older now, I still have a fascination with buttons. I still love looking at them and crafting with them! Here are a few more button projects that are really fun and will use up your button collection just like this cute necklace!

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Button & Fabric Decor - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Do you think you would like to try a super cute and really fun button project? Whether it is jewelry, home decor, or a cute hair accessory…buttons are a really fun item to work with! They are so colorful and come in so many shapes and sizes! Make sure you take a peek at all of the buttons you can find right HERE at The Ribbon Retreat and all of our other fabulous crafting supplies HERE!

Button Necklace Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Buttons!
Signature - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
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