Cork Board Message Center

We could all use a little additional organization in our lives…right? Please tell me I’m right so I am not alone in screaming Hallelujah from a mountain top as I answer right to that question! I believe getting more organized might have been one of my yearly resolutions as I have gone into the last 4 out of 5 years. Hehe! Well when I made that resolution, I clearly did not own a fabulous and truly adorable message center like the one Christine, from I Dig Pinterest, is sharing with us today! If I had had one of these, I probably would have completed my “Getting More Organized” resolution with flying colors, each and every year! So this year, join with me in getting more organized with the help of an adorable Cork Board Message Center like this one, and let’s wow all who know us with our newly found organization skills! LOL! Enjoy!

Turn a boring cork board into a cute center to display photos of family and loved ones!

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hi Ribbon Retreat readers!  It’s Christine again from I Dig Pinterest and I’m so excited to be here sharing the latest DIY project that happened around my house.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that we recently moved into a 1950’s home and are slowly fixing things up in my Refresh It series.

The previous owners glued a cork board to the wall by the dining area.  It was looking pretty grungy and in need of a face lift.  It’s visible from our front entryway, so it was an eyesore, and I’d been wanting to do something fun with it since the day the house became ours.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
It’s low enough to the floor that the kids can reach it and we made the mistake of using it as it was intended at first, with thumb tacks to display the kids’ art and photos.  But then one morning my three year old had a run-in with a tack and her bare foot (ouch!), so I knew it was time for a repurpose project!

Rather than tearing it down and doing major wall repair work, because that’s what it would require, I decided to keep the board and give it a new life!
I love that this board serves many purposes…I can use it to display Christmas cards in December or kid’s art work, notes and photos all year round!

This makeover can be done with any cork board-old or new.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

-Fabric (enough to cover the cork portion of your board) I used Duck Canvas in a fun polka dot print
Small wooden clothespins
-Acrylic Craft Paint (I used Terra Cotta by ANITA’S)
-Foam Brushes
Ribbon in coordinating color (I used Grey Grosgrain-Offray in 1/4″)
-Spray Adhesive (not shown)
-Masking Tape (if the board is already attached to the wall like mine)

Get All Of Your Supplies

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I started by masking around the edges of my board to protect the wall.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Give the border a few coats of paint until it’s fully covered.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Allow it to dry completely.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Cut your fabric to fit inside the frame.  Allow about 1/4″ extra on all sides so you can tuck it nicely under the frame.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
For this step, be sure to go outside, as the spray adhesive is potent and the fumes can be harmful if in an enclosed area.  Turn your fabric over and coat the back of your fabric with spray adhesive.  Allow to sit for about half a minute so it will get nice and tacky.  Place it on your board, ensuring you have the 1/4″ overlay on all sides.
Smooth the fabric down with your hands, ensuring there aren’t any bumps or bubbles and it’s laying flat against the cork.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Now use a  butter knife to tuck the excess fabric underneath the frame.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Ta da! Now we’ll add the ribbon so we can display fun things.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Cut two strips of ribbon that are about 1/2″ longer than the length of the inside of your frame.  You basically just want to leave enough extra that you can secure it nicely under the frame.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Using your spray adhesive, outdoors, spray the ends of the ribbon.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Tuck the first end under the frame using a butter knife, string it across the board and tuck the other end under in the same manner.  You may need to use a little super glue if your ribbon isn’t wanting to stay tucked.
Do the same thing with the other ribbon piece, aligning it so you’ll have room to display photos going upward from it and downward from the other ribbon piece.

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Lastly, use the clothespins to hang those items with pride!

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  Now the first thing our guests will see is a fun photo display instead of an unsightly old cork board! I love that it coordinates with my area rug in my living room too!

I hope you’ll drop by I Dig Pinterest for more DIY projects like this, plus updates on our home remodel!

Thank you Christine! What a fun and EASY project! Like I mentioned above, getting organized is something I could surely use and a fun message center like this would be perrrrrfect for hanging bills on, appointment cards, fun artwork, pictures, etc. Your fabric choice is so cute and those mini clothes pins are genius! I can’t wait to build my own, unique message center…let the organizing begin!
For more crafty goodness by this fun lady, make sure to stop by her blog I Dig Pinterest!

Getting organized can be a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of stress too! Check out these other great, crafty projects that will help get you more organized all while being functional AND looking fabulous as well!

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Do you have a craft you are just dying to make? Whether it be a new decoration for your home, a new hair bow or accessory, or maybe a fun message center to get yourself back on the organized train! Regardless of your desire to craft and the project you have in mind, The Ribbon Retreat has all of the supplies needed to complete your next crafty project! We have ribbon galore, tulle, pre-made flowers, buttons, resins, hardware, and so much more! Come and check out our entire selection of supplies HERE!

Cork Board Message Center - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Crafting!
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