Cotton Rag Quilt Tutorial

Get the rag look and feel, but with cotton fabric!

Rag Quilts are so easy and fun to make. They are super comfortable too! You can make one with cotton fabric and get the same cuteness! Check out our Cotton Rag Quilt Tutorial by Sweet Mama J’s Boutique.

Hi there Ribbon Retreat readers!!  How have you been?

It’s me again, Ashley, from Sweet
Mama J’s Boutique

Come on over and check out my new blog, Project Bazaar,
with great recipes, tutorials and fun photos of where I’ve been.

I LOVE The Ribbon Retreat and LOVE
even more the beautiful fabrics and ribbons they have to choose from.

When I saw the new line, Capri designed for ADORNit, I knew I needed to make something adorable with
it. That’s when this fun rag quilt came to mind.

I am SO excited to share it with you guys today!!

– Cotton Rag Quilt Tutorial –

Adorable Rag Quilt with Cotton fabric... super cute!

Let’s gather our supplies and get started.


I used:

1/2 yard in Vintage Gray Polka Dot designed for ADORNit

1/2 yard in  Gray Chevron designed for ADORNit

1/2 yard in Gray Damask designed for ADORNit

1/2 yard in Yellow Sunshine Blossoms designed for ADORNit

1/2 yard in Yellow Sunshine Daisies designed for ADORNit

See all the beautiful fabrics in the Capri designed for ADORNit line by clicking the link.

(For this project I used 1/4 yards instead of fat quarters because I wanted the wider width.)

1 spool So Fine! thread in Daffodil

Ultra thin quilt batting (I picked it up at a local craft store)

First step is to lay out your pieces and decide a pattern for each fabric.  I chose to alternate the
Gray Chevron with Gray Damask on the “finished side” and to alternate the Yellow Sunshine Blossoms
with the Gray Polka Dot on the “rag side” and to bind with the Yellow Sunshine Daisies.

Cut your strips of fabric.

Set aside the fabric you would like to use as your binding and take the remaining 4 fabrics and trim the
selvage off the side.

Cut each fabric into 3 long rectangles each, measuring 6 inches by the with of the fabric, approx 43″.

You should have 12 rectangles now.

Decide which fabric you would like to use as the outermost stripes for both the finished side and the
rag side of your quilt, and cut those in half lengthwise, so you will have 4 rectangles total, measuring 3
inches by approximately 43″.

You should have ten 6″ rectangles and four 3″ rectangles.

Cut 5 rectangles out of your batting measuring 5 1/2″ by 43″.

Cut 2 rectangles out of your batting measuring 2 3/4″ by 43″.

Lay your bottom fabrics, right side down.

Lay out the fabrics for the finished side on a large clean surface, right side of the fabric facing down.

Top the fabrics with the batting rectangles, centering them on the cotton fabrics.

Top with the batting rectangles, being sure to center each one in the middle of the fabric rectangles.

Top the batting with the rag side fabrics, right side facing up.

Top with the rag side fabrics, right side of fabric facing up.

Your batting should be “sandwiched” between the wrong sides of your fabric.

Take two strips of sandwiched fabric and put them bottom sides together.

Take 2 stripes and line them up, along the long side, so the fabrics for the “finished side” of the quilt are
touching each other.

Line up the raw edges and pin in place.

Make a 1/2″ seam along the edge, be sure to backstitch.

Using a 1/2" seam sew down the long side of the strip. Backstitch.

You will end up with the raw seem sticking out of the “rag side” of the quilt.

Continue sewing all the strips together until you are finished.

Continue with the rest of the stripes until they are all sewn together.

The lengths may not all be exactly the same.

Trim the short edges so they are straight.

After all the stripes are sewn together, take your quilt and trim each of the short edges so they are

Time to bind the quilt.

It is time to bind the quilt.

There are many different ways to bind a quilt, but I used this great binding tutorial
from The Ribbon Retreat.

I started by taking my Yellow Sunshine Daisies fabric and cutting it into 2 1/2 inch strips as stated in the
tutorial, sewing them together end to end and pressing in half.

Cut 2 1/2" strips of fabric, sew together, iron in half, pin to the outside of the quilt.

I then pinned the binding in place and sewed along the edge.

Almost done.

Hooray!! You are ALMOST done!!

Cut into the raw edge with a slit down to the stitching, not the stitching though. Do this every 1/4".

To finish this quilt cut each raw seam on the “rag side” and make a slit almost to the stitching about
every 1/4-1/2 inch. Be careful to not cut the stitching.

The only thing left is to cut, cut, cut and ENJOY!!

Thanks SO MUCH to The Ribbon Retreat for letting me share this fun tutorial with you!!

Hope to see you again soon!!

Thank you so much Ashley!!

I love everything about this quilt! It is so easy to put together and the fabrics are beautiful! This type of quilt is especially easy for beginners.

Ashley is so fun and has so many awesome tutorials. Make sure to check out her blog, Project Bazaar and her shop, Sweet
Mama J’s Boutique
to see what she has to offer.

The Ribbon Retreat also carries a wonderful selection of fabric, so if you’re not loving the Capri line, there will be something to fit your style. Check out our fabric!

As always, if you’re a craft blogger or bow maker who’d like to submit a tutorial of your own, visit our Project Submission Page to see all the details. We love our contributors!

Have a great day! ~ Shirley, The Ribbon Retreat Blog Editor

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