Cute Ribbon Braids Tutorial

Hi everyone, Connie here from Measured by the heart and Simply Sweet Hair. I am excited to be back at The Ribbon Retreat and share with you these cute ribbon braids.

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

I just love these braids. What makes them special is the ribbon.

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Isn’t that ribbon lovely? This is from the Moonstitch ribbon line. Use this adorable ribbon to make cute braids and this particular one is Moonstitch polka in shocking pink. Let me tell you, it is just beautiful.

My girls like the 3 strand ribbon braid the best.

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

But for me it’s all about the fishtail.

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

You follow the same steps for both braids. To start you need a length of ribbon. About 1.5 times the length of the hair you are working with.

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Split your hair in two and use a hair tie to secure the ribbon in a little piece of hair. It doesn’t need to be pretty because you won’t see this part.

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Take the ribbon and put it to the side. Then split the hair into 3 sections {or two if you are fishtailing} and start braiding.

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Do a couple of stitches and then put the ribbon back from the side. It goes under the hair and you braid a few more stitches. That’s all there is to it. Do a few stitches with the ribbon on top and few stitches with the ribbon under. Keep going until you reach the end of the hair.

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

I put a hair tie in to secure everything and then tied a bow with the ribbon. If you decide not to tie the bow, you won’t need as much ribbon to start with.

And there you have it, cute ribbon braids. I love how the ribbon mixes with the hair and gives a little pop of color.

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

If you would like some more ribbon hairstyle tutorials you can check out these:

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Ribbon Braid

Cute Ribbon Braids - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Ribbon accented bun.

I love adding ribbon to hair styles. It gives a little extra special touch.

What a fun way to use ribbon! Ribbon can be used in so many, many ways! I love how Connie used a simple piece of ribbon and created something beautiful out of it! How much fun to have gorgeous hair like that to add such a fun accessory to! 🙂

For more stunning hair styles and projects by Connie, visit her at Measured By The Heart and Simply Sweet Hair.

For more incredible quick and easy ribbon projects, check out these fun ribbon tutorials…

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You can get all of the supplies needed to make those adorable projects right here at The Ribbon Retreat!

Happy Creating & Happy Ribbon!
Signature - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

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