Dancing Ribbon Rings

Dancing Ribbon Rings - The Ribbon Retreat BlogHey there Ribbon Retreat readers. It’s Michaela from Covered in Mod Podge back again. Today I’m sharing a 30 minute (or less) craft tutorial for Dancing Ribbon Rings.

My two and a half year old daughter has gotten really into singing and dancing lately. Her songs go a little something like this, “sing….song….sing a sing sing…” I can’t handle the cuteness and hilariousness of it all. She also busts a move to nearly any song that comes on.

In an attempt to build up her opportunities for imaginative play, I’ve been looking for toys that foster creative play {and don’t have batteries!}. These Dancing Ribbon Rings fit that bill. They are great for promoting imaginative play, movement, and altogether silliness {my favorite!}.

Dancing Ribbon Rings - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThese great little Dancing Ribbon Rings couldn’t be easier to make. You’ll need:

Plastic or Wooden Rings {mine are shower curtain rings for $1.19 at Target}
Variety of Ribbon {I used Grosgrain 5/8″ in Ocean Blue, 1/4″ in White, and 3/8″ in Tutti Frutti, and TRR Chevron 7/8″ in Apple Green and Pink)
Hot Glue/glue Gun
Something to seal the ribbons {lighter, fray check, heat tool}

Dancing Ribbon Rings - The Ribbon Retreat BlogStart out by wrapping your rings in ribbon. Secure the ribbon at the beginning and end using a dab of hot glue.

Dancing Ribbon Rings - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThen, cut three different colors of ribbon per ribbon ring. You’ll want them to be between 2 and 3 feet long. I cut a notch for a nice extra touch. You’ll want to use your sealing method of choice on each ribbon end to prevent fraying.

Dancing Ribbon Rings - The Ribbon Retreat BlogKnot your ribbon at the middle to your ring. I think three ribbons of various lengths and thicknesses, per ring, is a good look. Feel free to add more or less!

Dancing Ribbon Rings - The Ribbon Retreat BlogHand them off to your tiny dancer and watch the crazy moves! It’s that simple!

Dancing Ribbon Rings - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThese can be made in a huge variety of colors and sizes for a whole host of needs. I’m already thinking they would make great party favors!

Your little ones are sure to dance the night away with these adorable Dancing Ribbon Rings. What a great idea…for a great price…and tons of dancing fun! I love budget friendly and FAST projects that are a hit for those you create them for!

Thank you so much Michaela! Your little girl is a very talented little dancer and singer and that huge smile on her face is adorable! For more fun and innovative projects by Michaela, make sure to stop by her fun blog Covered in Mod Podge.

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You too can make all of these super fun and kiddo friendly projects. You can grab all of the supplies you need, right here at The Ribbon Retreat!

Happy Creating & Happy Dancing!
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  1. Pat C.
    Posted February 20, 2014 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    Your Dancing Ribbon Rings are too adorable, Michaela! Using shower curtain rings for the “handles” is ingenious! I found an unused set in my linen closet just the other day.: ) And your little girl is adorable… she is exuding sheer joy as she prances around.♥ My two-and-a-half granddaughter and she would get along famously; little M also breaks into dance moves whenever she hears music and sings made-up songs about nothing–and everything–in particular!

    I can’t wait to make a few of these for her and her almost-five-year-old big sister! Thanks again for sharing.: ) xoxo

    • Posted February 21, 2014 at 7:42 am | Permalink

      Hi Pat! Thank you so so much for your sweet comment. I am so glad that your little granddaughter is a cute little dancer too. Everyone needs a little dance in their lives. 🙂 Thank you again and have so much fun making these adorable rings! Have a wonderful day! Michelle 🙂

  2. Sandy
    Posted February 22, 2014 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    Add more fun by stringing some jingle bells on the rings too!

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