Detachable Marabou Puff Tutorial

Learn how to make a detachable marabou puff hair bow, two bows in one!

Hello! I’m Britt from Charlie’s Halo and I’m back again with another tutorial!

In my last tutorial I showed how to add marabou boa to stacked hair bows. Today, I will be showing how to add a detachable marabou puff to a stacked bow for a fun 2 in 1 bow that is very versatile.

For this tutorial I have already made my bow parts. The Ribbon Retreat has great tutorials for these bows on their blog and in the Tricks of The Trade Hair Bow Instructions. For this bow I used a 3” Twisted Boutique Bow, 3” Surround Loops and 4.5” Spikes. The ribbon colors I chose are Shocking Pink, Lypple and Deep Plum Solid Grosgrain Ribbon. I picked a Purple Marabou Puff.


Detachable Marabou Puff Tutorial


Ready to Stack Bows
1 Marabou Puff
⅜” Matching Grosgrain Ribbon
2 Lined Alligator Clips (1 to match marabou, 1 to match bow)
Hot Glue Gun

Use hot glue to stack your pre made bow.

First, use hot glue to stack your premade bows.

Attach your 3/8" ribbon to your bow.

Attach your clip now as well.

Using a drop of hot glue, attach the end of your matching ⅜” ribbon to the back of your bow. This is a great time to attach a hair clip.

Don't put any glue on the top or make the ribbon too tight.

Finish by gluing down, cutting and sealing your ends.

Wrap the ribbon around all of the bow layers. Do not use any glue on the top of the bow or wrap it too tight. Later, we will clip the marabou puff to this ribbon. Glue the ribbon over the clip as shown, trim to correct length, heat seal and glue down the ribbon edge to secure.

Attach lined clip to the felt circle on the puff.

Slip puff onto the 3/8" ribbon center.

Marabou puffs are so much fun and add tons of flare! They come ready to use on a felt circle. Use hot glue to attach a matching lined alligator clip to the felt circle on back of the marabou puff. It’s that simple!

So easy to make; two bows in one!

Now, you have 2 hair accessories that can be worn separately, or you can take your bow to the next level. Clip the marabou puff to the center ribbon center of the hair bow for a funky over the top hair bow!

Little girls LOVE these bows! It’s so much fun to mix and match. When my daughter outgrew her baby clippies, I used them as bow centers on bigger bows. You can use anything you can think of that fits like ostrich puffs, tulle puffs, sequin bows, flowers, felties and even smaller! Happy Creating!


Thanks Britt!

Britt is amazing at what she does. Check out all her fun products at Charlie’s Halo. She can do anything! Let us know what tutorials you are looking for and we can see about doing it. 🙂

If you’re a craft blogger or bow maker who’d like to submit a tutorial of your own, visit our Project Submission Page to see all the details. We love our contributors!

Have a great day! ~ Shirley, The Ribbon Retreat Blog Editor

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  1. stephanie
    Posted November 8, 2012 at 6:06 pm | Permalink

    hi i really liked the way you made the Detachable Marabow Puff and i was just wondering if you had the instructions how to make one?? let me know ASAP

  2. teresa de higuera
    Posted September 9, 2014 at 5:34 pm | Permalink

    me encantaria una subscripcion pero nesecito que por favor me envien todos los datos en espanol y tambien una direccion de alguna tienda o almacen donde yo pueda comprar personalmente pues tengo proximo un viaje a eua chulavista nationalcity san diego me fasssinan todos sus productos pero preferiria comprar personalmente ya que confeccciona muchos moños por su atencion muchiiiisssimas gracias dios los bendiga.

    • The Ribbon Retreat
      Posted September 18, 2014 at 10:19 am | Permalink

      Hi Teresa! Thank you for your comment! I am so glad you love our blog and our products! All of our products can be purchased online at We have one location in Shelley, Idaho and would be happy to help you in person or on our website. Thank you again for your sweet comment! Have a wonderful day! Michelle 🙂

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