Diaper and Wipes Case Tutorial

Learn how to make a cute diaper and wipes case

Hi everyone! I am Amber from a brand new blog, Crazy Little Projects. This is my first contribution to The Ribbon Retreat Blog, and I am very excited. To see more of my sewing tutorials, crafts, baking ideas and things to do with kids, visit my blog or follow me on Facebook.

I really have a thing for getting fabric in the mail, so when my package of fabric came from The Ribbon Retreat, I was a happy girl. And then I got down to sewing, another thing I really love. This Diaper and Wipes Case is such an easy project and it is very handy to have around and it makes a great baby gift. Seriously, it only takes 2 fat quarters and about 20 minutes to make.

diaper and wipes case great for gifts

It will fit a couple of diapers and a pack of wipes. I made it large to fit a Costco size pack since that is what I use, but if you are using a smaller wipe case (like the white plastic ones that hold like 10-15 wipes) you could always size this down just a little bit.

What You Need:

1/4 yard or a little less of 2 fabrics – I used fat quarters, you could also use just a normal 1/4 yard
The fabric I used is Navy Dinosaurs and Lime Argyle in Urban Zoology by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman.
About 1 inch of Velcro
Pattern Pieces


Print your pattern.

First cut your front pieces – 1 of each fabric. Then, tape the large pattern piece to the flap piece to form the back pattern piece. Now cut 1 of each fabric with the back piece.

cut out your pattern pieces and tape them together

You should now have 4 total pieces of fabric.

Pin your velcro (about a one inch piece) in place. One piece goes on the front part of the main fabric. Just center it about 3 inches down from the top. The other goes on the top flap part of the inside fabric. About 1 or 2 inches down from the top. (You’ll be better off if you put it closer to the top than I did in the picture.) Sew it in place.

pin and sew the velcro onto the fabric

Now, put right sides together on both pieces and sew them together around the sides and bottom.

sew right sides together

Now, turn 1 of your fabrics right side out and stick it down into the other fabric, so that right sides are touching.

Start at the top of one side of the flap and sew the two pieces together going down the flap, across the middle (of course catching only the two front pieces and not the rest of the bag) and around the rest of the flap.

sew around the flaps.

Turn right side out and push the corners out as much as you can.

Fold the top – not sewn pieces – in about 1/2 inch to make a nice hem. Press them flat and top stitch closed.

Now press the whole bag nice and flat. And you’re done!

diaper and wipes case all finished and ready to use

Total time: 20 minutes
Total Cost: About $5

From Amber at Crazy Little Projects

Thank you so much Amber!

Make sure to check out Crazy Little Projects to find more easy, quick tutorials, along with all the other fun things Amber has for you.

Also be sure to check out the rest of the Urban Zoology line here at The Ribbon Retreat!

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Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Posted May 15, 2012 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    This is a really great tutorial! I will have to give this a try and make some baby shower gifts to have on hand. Love the dinosaur print!

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