DIY Flower Monogram

I know the saying typically goes…April showers brings May flowers….but what’s a girl to do when it’s April, and you need a little flower power NOW? Flowers can quickly brighten a day and turn a frown upside down into a lovely little smile! So instead of waiting until May for a lovely bouquet of flowers, let’s bend that rule just a little bit and bring some gorgeous May flowers to our home on this fabulous April day…which happens to be a rainy April day at my house. Melanie from Find it, Make it, Love it is sharing a fabulous Flower Monogram today that is fresh and bright and just perfect for satisfying that need for some major flower power on this rainy April day! Enjoy!

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hello! This is Melanie from Find it Make it Love My sister in law Steffany and I blog about all kinds of DIY projects including fun kids crafts, home decor, and even big projects like refinishing furniture. Come on over to see more of what we do! Today, we are excited to be here at The Ribbon Retreat to share this beautiful DIY Flower Monogram! It’s so simple to make–we’re talking less than an hour from start to finish, and it’s just perfect for Spring!

Let’s get started!

Here’s what you need:

  • Assorted Flowers from The Ribbon Retreat
  • Paper Mache Monogram
  • Craft Knife
  • Craft Styrofoam
  • Hot Glue
  • Ribbon for Hanging

Flower Button

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
We used a 16 inch paper mache letter and about 22 flowers of different sizes.

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Start by using a craft knife to cut the front off the paper mache letter.

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
We want the flowers to be nested in the monogram, but not all the way to the bottom of the paper mache. Use some craft syrofoam to fill the letter. We picked some up from our local Dollar Store, then cut it down to fit. You want it to come about 1/2 way up the inside of the monogram. Hot glue the styrofoam in place.

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Now for the fun part! Play around with the flowers until they look good to you. Space the larger ones out, get the colors balanced. Whatever you like!

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Then start picking up each flower and hot gluing them in place.

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Last, we took some wide ribbon and hot glued it to the back of the monogram for hanging.

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
That’s all there is to it! So simple right? We sure think it’s beautiful and Springy!

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
We chose oranges, yellows and whites for our monogram, but of course the colors can be switched up however you want. So many possibilities! I think I’d like to make another one for one of my daughter’s bedrooms.

Thank you to The Ribbon Retreat for having us today! We would love you to stop by Find it Make it Love and say hi! Have a fabulous day!

Thank you Melanie! Thank you for adding that touch of flower power I needed on this rainy April Day!
See ladies and gents…you don’t have to wait for May to get beauuuutiful flowers! You too can have a gorgeous Flower Monogram hanging on your front door, or like Melanie suggested, hanging in a bedroom of your home. This fun home decor project is super easy and will look so amazing no matter where you put it! Switch up the color palette to fit any room, any occasion or any season.
Thank you again Melanie for sharing your wonderful, crafty talent with us! To see more projects by Melanie and Steffany, head over to their blog Find it Make it Love!

Flowers, flowers, flowers…I love flowers! I love fresh flowers, pre-made flowers, flowers for your hair, flowers everywhere…I just love flowers! And if you also love you some flower power, check out these other project inspired by lovely fresh looking flowers!

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Are you ready to start crafting away with a gorgeous selection of flowers? The Ribbon Retreat has that gorgeous selection of flowers you are looking for! We have over 40 different types of flowers to choose from and each flower comes in multiple colors from subtle and soft to bright and bold. You are going to love all of them! Head over to The Ribbon Retreat to gather your flowers today for all of your floral projects! Find our flowers HERE and the rest of our online crafty store HERE to grab your hot glue, hot glue gun, ribbon and so SO much more!

DIY Flower Monogram - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Flowers!
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