DIY Stroller Bag

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hello !! I’m writing to you from Clips N Things. Today’s project is a stroller diaper bag. I customized it to have front pockets with flaps, side pockets with elastics for cups or bottles, and a vinyl inside in case of spills.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Materials needed:

Fabric : I used 1/2 yd of Tonal Black Mini Flowers from the Shades of Black line and
1 yd of Small Lavendar from the Tonal Dots line.

Cotton Webbing: 1 yard in Purple

Hardware: 2 1″ Metal D Rings and 1 Swivel Clip

Zipper: 14″ in Periwinkle

Velcro: 3/4″ Sew On in black

1/4″ Elastic

Vinyl, optional

Interfacing if you aren’t using vinyl

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Cut out pieces. I made the pieces as simple as possible, so they are all square pieces.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I made a vinyl insert for my bag so that if anything spills inside it’s an easy clean up. If you want to make this, cut out the body of the bag and the two side pieces in vinyl. To stitch them together, pin the body of the bag to the side pieces.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
TIP: To sew vinyl, place a piece of tissue paper between the presser foot of your machine and the top layer of vinyl. This will allow the vinyl to move through. The tissue paper then tears off easily.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Take your pocket pieces and measure a 1″ square on the bottom 2 corners. Make a stitch from that mark down. This will give your pocket some depth.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
On the top of 2 pockets, fold over 3/4″ and run a stitch. Feed your elastic through and stitch in place.

Place your elastic pockets with the right side of the pocket facing the wrong side of your bag side piece. Stitch together. Flip your pocket out.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
To make your front pockets, take the two pocket flap pieces, measure about 2″ from one end, and sew the hook part of the Velcro on the right side of the fabric. Sew your pocket flap with right sides together, leaving room to turn out. Sew seam closed.

This is what your front and back of the flap will look like.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Pin your pockets on the bag. Pin the bottom of the pockets at 10″ from the top of your bag. Fold your pocket up and pin the flap just under the top of the pocket. Run a stitch along the bottom of the flap and the bottom of the pocket.

Fold the pocket up and pin in place and stitch along the sides of the pocket. When you are done they will look like this.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Take your top flap and cut a slit through the middle (lengthwise) making it the same size as the zipper.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Sew your zipper with right sides facing the right side of the fabric, then turn it over and run a top stitch along the zipper edge as shown. You can also attach your zipper without a top stitch.

Now it’s time to put your bag together!! This is the exciting part (at least to me it is) because it’s all coming together.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Pin your bag side pieces together, 1″ below the top of the bag. Start with the front of the bag so you can line up your pockets and make sure they are not too high or too low. Attach your top flap and remember to pin the pieces to hold your d-rings between the top flap and the side of the bag. Don’t forget to attach your d-ring before stitching it closed.

If you are using the vinyl, turn your vinyl bag inside out and place your inverted bag inside the vinyl to stitch it all together.

This part is a bit tricky, but your bag is pretty much complete after this. Stitch a few times over the loops holding the d-rings to keep them secure.

Open your zipper and turn your bag right side out.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Attach your webbing to the d-rings and fold the raw edge over itself. I hand stitched this part because my machine wouldn’t be able to handle stitching through these many layers. Make sure to make it a strong stitch. I used the entire yard of webbing for the strap. Stitch the second end of the webbing to the swivel clasp.

Your bag is now COMPLETE!!! It feels great to have it complete and now you can load it with all your goodies and head out for a nice walk to the park.

DIY Stroller Bag - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Come visit my facebook page over on Clips N Things, to see what other items I have made. I do a lot of ribbon work, but I like to sew and crochet in my spare time. Thanks for reading and I hope you are able to make your own Stroller Bag.

Walks or runs in the park as supposed to be refreshing and worry free but sometimes having to carry all of your belongings can cause the unwanted worry and hassle. This Stroller Bag solves that dilemma with the convenience of holding all of your belongings for you…especially that ever important water bottle! Yay for side pockets! Watch out park, because here we come!

Thank you Rebeca for sharing this great bag with us! It will come in handy for us busy moms time and time again! To see more of Rebeca’s creations, visit her Facebook page at Clips N Things.

In January, we had an incredible Bag Lady month and this bag made me super excited again about all of the wonderful bags we got to celebrate. To see all of the FABulous bags from our Bag Lady Series, check them out HERE. Here are a couple of the bags that were featured…oh my…I love them all!

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Do you need a Stroller Bag or maybe just want a Stroller Bag or ANY bag??? You can grab all of the supplies to make a gorgeous bag right here at The Ribbon Retreat. We are your one stop crafty shop!

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Happy Creating & Happy Bags, Bags, Bags!
Signature - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

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