DIY Yoga Tote

Hi there, Ribbon Retreat Readers! I’m Meredith from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, and I’m THRILLED to be here today sharing a super simple tutorial for a tote bag. There are quite a few steps to follow, but I assure you that once you get started, you’ll realize just how easy it is to sew your own tote! This particular tote will be my new yoga bag {you know, it being New Year’s resolution time and all}!

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Materials needed:

1 yard main {outside} fabric (I used Tangerine Big Dots)

1 yard lining {inside} fabric (I used Navy and White Chevron)

interfacing {optional}

1/4 yard coordinating fabric for straps

sewing machine

cutting mat

rotary cutter


ironing board

Fabric Cuts:

Main/Outer Fabric {2} 15×12 inches

Lining/Inside Fabric {2} 15×12 inches

Straps {2} 26×5 inches

Interfacing {optional} {2} 13×10 inches–smaller to avoid bulk in seams

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step One

Make all of your cuts using a rotary cutter and mat. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of both pieces of the main/outer fabric following package directions.

Step Two

Sew main/outer fabric together. Place both pieces, right sides together and pin along the two long sides and one short side, making sure to leave the top open. Stitch around all three sides using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Make sure to back stitch at both ends to strengthen. Trim the corners, but do not turn it right side out yet!

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step Three

Follow the same steps to sew the lining pieces together, but on the short end that you pin, leave a gap so you can turn it right side out later. Make sure to back stitch at both sides of the gap to strengthen the stitch.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step Four

In this step you will “box” the corners of your bag, essentially giving it a base. Taking your main bag piece first {still inside out}, pinch one bottom corner. Then use your fingers to line up the bottom seam with the side seam and make a triangle.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Lay your bag corner flat on your mat and use an acrylic ruler to measure 1.5 inches from the tip of the triangle you just created. Draw a line at the base of the triangle, stitch along that line with your sewing machine. {You might want to back stitch the entire line for extra strength}.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Repeat this with the other corner and then use your cutting mat and rotary cutter to trim the excess.

Repeat the entire process of “boxing” the corners for your lining piece.

Step Five

Now it’s time to make the straps. You can choose to use leftover pieces of either your lining fabric or main fabric or choose a new, coordinating fabric for your straps. I went with a colorful polka dot print for mine. To make each strap, lay it out, right side facing down and fold it lengthwise down the middle. Use your iron to press the seam and then open it up.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Now fold each long edge to the middle seam that you just created and press both seams.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Fold the entire strap piece in half lengthwise and press the seam. Stitch along each long edge, as close to the edge of the fabric as you can get it. Then repeat this process for the other strap piece.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Turn both your main fabric and lining fabric pieces right side out. Press all seams so that they are nice and flat.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step Six

Take one of your strap pieces and measure 2 inches in from each side of your main fabric. Make sure your pins are below your seam allowance, so they don’t get in the way when you’re stitching the top of the bag. Repeat this for the second strap and make sure they are both equal.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step Seven

Turn your lining piece inside out once again. Place the main bag piece {with the straps pinned to it} INSIDE of your lining bag piece. The RIGHT SIDES of the main and lining pieces should be facing each other!

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Pin AROUND the top of the bag carefully. Make sure you are not pinning the top of the bag shut! Then stitch AROUND the top, making sure to go back and forth a few times over the straps for extra strength. You may even want to stitch around the entire bag twice for even more strength!

Trim the excess strap fabric and any stray thread.

Now find the gap in the bottom of the lining and pull the entire bag through!

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Stitch the gap of the lining closed once the entire bag is turned, and push the lining into the main bag piece. Press the entire bag so the seams lay flat and admire your handy work!

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

You can also choose to add cute flower embellishments on one side if you’d like.

To make mine, I cut a long piece of the lining fabric, about 24×3 inches, folded it down the middle and pressed the seam. I then sewed along the raw edge and fringe cut the folded edge.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

To create the flower, simply roll it around itself and hot glue around the base of the flower. Once the entire flower is formed, hot glue a piece of felt to the back for support and attach a safety pin to easily secure it to the tote.

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
And there you have it! A fresh, finished tote, perfect to take as you head to the gym for a yoga class!

DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
DIY Yoga Tote - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy sewing {and namaste}!

Thank you Meredith! I have never been to a yoga class, but this bag makes me want to start going. Hehe! This bag is so bright, and I love the contrasting fabrics with that adorable and sassy flower embellishment on the front. You are so fun and so talented, and I am so excited to have you here today!
For more incredibly creative and festive projects by Meredith, take a peek at her super fun and crafty blog
Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.

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Thank you for stopping by and helping us celebrate bag month!

Happy Creating & Happy Bag Ladies!
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