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Hey, hey…it’s video day! I know I start every video post with how excited I am to share the featured video with you. I am here to let you know, I am going to go ahead and stay consistent and tell you AGAIN just how excited I am to share this double ruffle bow video with you. I like this cute little bow, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ribbon used to create it.

The ruffle ribbon is so dainty and sweet. I can’t get enough of it. The fun thing about the ruffle ribbon is that we have SO many options for you to choose from. When choosing your ribbon for this bow you can choose the Ruffle Ribbon with Stitch, the Ruffle Ribbon, or the Double Ruffle Ribbon…and you can choose from over 80 colors between the three types. Wow!!! That is a lot of colors. This ribbon is simply FABulous.

Let’s put this ribbon to good use and create this dainty little bow. 🙂

Cute right? Did you make one while you were watching the video? They are super fun to make and really really adorable. As soon as my little girl has hair, she will have a whole plethora of these double ruffle bows. I am pretty sure she needs one to match every outfit and with over 80 color options to choose from, there is a real good chance not one outfit will go un-bow-ified. (I have a smile on my face at this very moment, picturing all of those bows, and my husband’s face as he is proof reading this post over my shoulder and shaking his head as he too pictures 80 of the exact same bow in different colors piled up in her bow basket.) Major LOL! 🙂

While you are pondering about what colors you would choose, here is a quick reminder of the other bow videos we have featured on previous Video Days…

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What a great selection of videos. Our spectacular YouTube Channel has many many more videos to aid in your bow making endeavors. We would love for you to pay our channel a visit.
Click here to view all the wonderful videos from our bow making pros!!!

Happy Bow Making & Happy Creating!
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