Dr. Seuss Room Makeover #1, Tube Valance

Tube Window Valance - The Ribbon Retreat BlogHello, hello, Ribbon Retreat readers! I am so excited to be here with you for a series of posts on simple and fun things that you can sew for your child’s room! It is simple to come up with things for little girls, but a bit trickier for the little men in our life, so that is what I will be focusing on.

I had an idea to upgrade my son to a big boy bed with a Dr. Seuss bedroom makeover a long, long time ago. I even painted fabulously funky colorful stripes on the wall. And then I got busy with other things and the bedroom makeover got stalled. This series is giving me the deadlines and motivation that I need to get going on that again! I am excited.

Let’s start with a super simple way to jazz up the windows in your little mister’s room: a simple tube valance tutorial. This will be the easiest substitute for curtains that you will ever make!

For my son’s valance I used the Bright Stripes Celebrate Seuss fabric from The Ribbon Retreat. I used three yards of it, but you may not need that much. Let’s talk about that now.
Dr. Seuss Curtains-1The first thing that you will need to do is measure your window’s width. Over my son’s window was the valance rod (here is an example of a valance rod) that my mom put up 20 years ago, which is flat and wide. It stretched over the window to be about 86 inches long and 3 inches wide. I wanted plenty of room in length to scrunch the valance up a bit so that it didn’t have to be perfectly flat, since this is a silly Dr. Seuss room, after all, and it obviously had to go all the way around in width, so I cut a strip of fabric that was 8 inches wide and 108 inches long (three yards). Since it is only 8 inches wide I could have gotten all of the length and more from one yard of fabric, but I chose not to because I thought that the pattern would be very difficult to match up on the seams, and I knew I would use the rest of the fabric for my throw pillows and other projects later on. I actually wish I had made it even longer or even doubled the length so it would have been super scrunched up, but I do like it the way that it turned out.
Dr. Seuss Curtains-2Once you have cut your strip, iron your fabric. At the ends, fold and iron the ends about 1/2″ and sew them into place as shown.
Dr. Seuss Curtains-3Now simply fold your fabric in half lengthwise (or the “hot dog” way as I would say to my elementary students—not the “hamburger way) so that the right side of the fabric faces inward, as shown, and sew the tube shut.
Dr. Seuss Curtains-4Turn your tube inside out and go slide it onto your valance rod! Can you believe how SIMPLE that was?? Score.
Dr. Seuss Curtains-5See you next week for another installment in this fun series!
Tube Window Valance - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

What little boys wouldn’t love “fabulously funky” stripes painted on their wall with this super bright and colorful Tube Valance in place of boring old curtains? 🙂 Thank you Sarah again for sharing your incredible talent with us. I can’t wait for your next project of more Seuss-tastic fun and creativity! 🙂

The Ribbon Retreat has a plethora of fun, fun fabric that would be perfect for any room makeover! Check out these other fantastic tutorials to continue your home decor inspirations…Fabric Flower Wreath, How To Make A Throw Pillow, How to Make a Fabric Wall Hanging, Nautical Beach Inspired Wreath, and much, much more.

Happy Creating & Happy Decorating!
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