Easy Notebook Band Tutorial

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved notebooks, journals, pens, stickers and all things doodle-licious! I have quite the collection of notebooks that I have written my favorite quotes in, notes from important meetings, goals and ideas for future successes. Today, Amy from Ameroonie Designs is sharing the cutest Notebook Band to place on your recent journal or notebook. It is fashionable, adorable, personalized and perfect for all doodlers, writers and everyone in between! Enjoy!

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I am a great lover of notebooks of any kind. But, I am not a lover of smashed and bent pages or loose books with stuff falling out of them. My solution? A notebook band.

I’ve seen some of them in craft stores made of rubber, but I thought it would be fun to make a fancier version. And luckily, The Ribbon Retreat has everything you might need to make your very own.


Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Get All Of Your Supplies

You will need elastic. The Ribbon Retreat has so many styles you can choose from. Some of my favorites are the glitter elastic and the lace ones, but you can’t beat the selection of colors in the simple fold over elastic.

You will also need flowers. I suggest thinking about how you use and store your notebook when deciding on what flowers you select. If you are going to tote the notebook around with you, you might want flatter and simpler flowers so they don’t add bulk to your purse or bag. If you just store the notebook on a desk or nightstand, you can go crazy and get whatever flowers you want.

Finally, you need a glue gun and glue sticks. Optionally, you may want felt, clips or jewels depending on how you decide to finish your bands.

Let’s get started. The first thing we need to do is cut our elastic down to size. The Ribbon Retreat sells their elastic in 2 yard increments, so you will have plenty to work with. This would be a fun project to do with a group of friends and you can divide up the supplies so you can have a variety.

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Use your notebook to determine what length you will need for your elastic. Measure around the height of the notebook and bring the ends to meet, but before you cut off your length, consider what kind of notebook you are creating. If you are making a notebook where you are gluing in and adding lots of different pages and envelopes, you are going to be adding bulk to your notebook, so you will want to add about 1″ to the elastic before you cut it. If you are just writing in your notebook, go ahead and cut it where the ends meet.

There are a couple of different options for finishing the ends of your elastic. One way is to just tie the ends together in a knot. You will see the look in the first picture with the coral band. The second way is to fold the ends up so they are finished and the back is flat.

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
You can see how it looks in this picture. To achieve this look, first make sure your elastic isn’t twisted. Then, take both ends, right side up and overlap them 1/2″. Glue in place. Then fold over the glued square and glue both loose sides down to the previously glued square. I’m sorry my pictures didn’t turn out, but if you follow the steps, you’ll see what I’m talking about. This gives you a nice, flat, finished way to create your band.

The final, and most fun step (in my opinion) is to embellish!

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
You can simply glue the flowers right to the band. This works great for the glitter elastic because it’s thick and solid and you won’t get glue going through it.

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Another option is to use a clip to hold the flower on the band. This gives you the option of switching out the flowers as your mood strikes. 🙂 You can cover the clip part with felt if you like, but I didn’t feel like it was necessary.

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Then you simply clip the flower to the band.

If you want to create a grouping of flowers, the easiest way is to use some scrap felt and glue your flowers to it.

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Don’t glue all the way to the edges of the flowers so you can trim the felt down so it won’t be visible from the front. Now you can either add a clip to your grouping, or if you want to make it permanent, you can glue it directly to the band.

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
If you’re using the lace elastic, you may want to use a second piece of scrap felt to sandwich the band, that way the glue won’t ooze out all over and you’ll have a nice clean look to the back of your band.

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
So, whether you want an interchangeable sassy flower band…

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
a simple but striking band…

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
or a flirty group of flowers, you now can create your own amazing band that will keep your notebook neat and tidy, no matter how you use it.

I’m so glad I got to hang out here at The Ribbon Retreat today.
I hope you’ll stop by my blog Ameroonie Designs and say hello!


Thank you Amy! What a fun and easy project. Like I mentioned above, I too love notebooks, journals or anything else that I can doodle in and these fun bands are the perfect way to keep your place without turning down a page or having to fumble through the whole book before finding where you last wrote that latest quote, idea or goal. The flowers are so cute, and I love the pop of personality and color they add to the bands themselves. These creative bands would also make awesome bookmarks for your latest read and allow you to quickly find your place without having to dog ear your page. GENIUS!

If you would love to see more adorable projects by this talented lady, make sure to visit her creative and incredible blog Ameroonie Designs!

Do you also love doodling, writing in your journal, copying down your latest favorite quote, or creating your next business plan, here are a few more fun projects just for you…

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The Ribbon Retreat has a wonderful selection of ribbon, flowers, gems and more to personalize your journals, bookmarks, pens and even notebooks and bands to keep your place. Make sure to visit our online store where we carry everything you will need to create this fabulous little band or any other project you may be working on. Find our one stop crafty stop right HERE!

Easy Notebook Band - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Notebook Bands!
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  1. Pat C.
    Posted March 10, 2015 at 7:53 pm | Permalink

    I love this project! For one thing, I could actually do it! And for another, the elastic band is sooo useful for notebook lovers. I am always shoving loose papers into my notebooks, and of course, they always fall out at the worst moments! I wouldn’t hesitate to give a notebook with a pretty band embellished with a flower (or two… or three!) to a teacher, to a friend who is a compulsive list maker, to another who actually writes in a journal instead of, ahem, vowing to start one but never actually doing it… (I love Moleskine Cahier Journals… I just found online a set of three Extra Large ones in pretty pastel shades for $15.38, with free shipping. So they’d be a little more than $5.00 each, plus the minimal expense of the elastic and flowers!)

    Thank you, Amy, for sharing your wonderful idea! xoxo

    P.S. Um, Michelle, where has that adorable coral lace been hiding?!? I love it!

  2. Posted March 13, 2015 at 2:11 pm | Permalink

    Oh what a great idea, I love these! This would be great for my daily organizer that I keep track of my stats for my blog, I would be able to flip right to the page. I love your flowers, so pretty. Thanks so much for shaing! Pinning! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • The Ribbon Retreat
      Posted March 19, 2015 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

      Hi Linda! Thank you so very much! I love these fun bands and am so glad you love them too! Have a wonderful day and thank you for your sweet comment and the pin! Michelle 🙂

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