Fabric Flower Wreath

Make a gorgeous wreath using The Ribbon Retreat's fabric flower tutorials.

Hi there Ribbon Retreat readers!! It’s me Ashley, again, from over at Sweet Mama J’s Boutique.

Also, come over and check out my new blog, Project Bazaar. It’s still new, but getting better every week!!

I have been needing a new, fun, vibrant, summer wreath for my door (since mine hasn’t been updated since Christmas) and as I was browsing through The Ribbon Retreat’s beautiful assortment of fabrics, I found THE PERFECT inspiration for my door!!

I am SO excited to share this with you today!!

Let’s gather our supplies for the Fabric Flower Wreath and get started!!

Supplies for the fabric flower wreath.

Supplies I used:

1 Fat Quarter Bella Solids in White Bleached
1 Fat Quarter Zoe for Studio E in Raspberry Medallion
1 Fat Quarter Zoe for Studio E in Teal Allover
1 Fat Quarter Zoe for Studio E in Green Allover
3 Yards 1 1/2″ Sheer Radiance in Robin Blue
Pearlies 10 mm in Purple
Pearlies 10 mm in Turquoise
1 Foam Wreath Form
Needle and Thread
Hot Glue
Straight Pins

** Use only a low temp glue gun when gluing to foam as your foam form may melt**

Wrap strips of white fabric around your foam wreath.

Cut white fabric into 2″ strips.

Pin your first strip to the wreath form and wrap the white fabric snugly around the form. At the end of the first strip, place a second strip slightly overlapping the end of the first and pin. Try to pin it so the fabric will cover the pin as you wrap around.

Continue in this fashion until your wreath form is covered.

Wreath form all wrapped with white fabric.

Don’t worry if one of your pins is showing in the front, or if the end of your last strip ends up in front because you can cover that with a flower.

Next, make several flowers.

You may want them all the same, you may want them all different.

I made:

Make a Lollipop Rosette.

Lollipop Rosette, click the link to see the tutorial from The Ribbon Retreat.

Rolled Rosette.

Rolled Rosette, click the link for the tutorial. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom.

Simple Fabric Flowers

Simple Fabric Flowers, click the link for the tutorial.

Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flower-Version 2, click the link to see the tutorial.

For my fabric flowers, I folded my fabric pieces to make room for 6 petals instead of 4, and only did one layer.

Ribbon Rose

Ribbon Rose, click the link for the tutorial.

For my ribbon rose, I put my needle and thread down the middle of the ribbon and gathered instead of at the edge.

Arrange your flowers on the wreath and attach them with straight pins.

Arrange flowers to your liking on your wreath form and attach them down. I used straight pins on the underneath fabric.

Flowers all attached to the wreath.

Now all your flowers are attached and well secured using your preferred method.


Tie a bow and a large loop to wrap around your wreath.

Take your ribbon and make a large loop, leaving plenty of excess ribbon on each end of the loop to form a bow. Measure how long you would like your loop. Mine is 15″ diameter from top to bottom, 30″ total. At the top of your loop make a square knot. Tie a bow to your liking on top of your knot. Trim the ends if desired.

Place your loop behind your wreath, where you would like it, with the bow at the top.

Take the bottom of the loop, wrap it over the wreath and then behind the bow. Pull tight!

Beautiful fabric flower wreath all finished and ready to hang.

There is an fun, vibrant, summer wreath to welcome all who come to your door!!

Thanks SO MUCH to The Ribbon Retreat for letting me share my new wreath with you!!

Thank you Ashley!

My door totally needs some fun summer wreath. With the large selection of fabrics at The Ribbon Retreat, this is so easy to do! And we have tons of flower tutorials, as well as great priced flowers in our shop!

We love having Ashley post her fun crafts with us! Please hop on over to her shop, Sweet Mama J’s Boutique and say hello! Also stop over at Project Bazaar to see more fun tutorials and recipes.

If you have great tutorials and a fun idea you would like to share on The Ribbon Retreat Blog,
please submit a project.

Have a wonderful day!

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