Funky Loops Pom Pom

Funky Loops Pom Pom - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

A long time ago I showed you how to make a Spikey Pom Pom. It was actually one of my first posts.
Well this is similar to that bow.  On this bow instead of just using spikes I also added loops.

This technique comes from The Funky Loops Bow.
You can learn how to make the actual Funky loops Bow from the
Tricks of the Trade Hair Bow Instructions.

These instructions are very detailed with many pictures.  There are size guidelines to make a 2″ bow or a 2 1/2″ bow.  If you have any trouble making this pom pom, I would highly suggest getting these instructions.  You will learn so much from them and your bows will look very professional.


3/8″ Ribbon
Double Ruffle Ribbon
Sheer Ribbon
3/4″ Ric Rac
2 Felt Circles
Needle and Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Single Prong Clip

The more colors and textures of ribbon you use the more fun this bow will be.  Feel free to use your imagination! You can add fabric strips, korker or krinkle ribbon, or different sizes of ric rac. This is a very fun bow!

If you want your bow to be identical to mine, here is the Ribbon/Ric Rac I used.

7/8″ Hot Pink Double Ruffle
7/8″ White Sheer Ribbon
3/4″ Light Pink Ric Rac
3/8″ Red Solid Grosgrain Ribbon
3/8″ Shocking Pink Solid Grosgrain Ribbon (I krinkled this ribbon)

To learn how to krinkle ribbon take a look at this tutorial Korker bow with Krinkle Ribbon.

To make this pom pom you are going to sew ribbon loops and spikes to a felt circle.

The first thing I did was make a loop with the double ruffle ribbon.
I cut the ribbon to 4″ then made it into a loop and attached it to the felt circle.

One thing to remember when using double ruffle ribbon
is to make sure the shiny side of the ruffle is on the outside.

I stitched along the bottom of the loop before I attached it to the felt circle so it would be more secure.

I also went through the felt circle and loop a few times attaching the loop
to the felt circle in a few places, this makes the loop really stand up.

Next I made a loop with 2 spikes with the 7/8″ Sheer. 
To make a loop with 2 spikes first cut the ribbon to 6 1/2″.
Fold the ribbon in half and then fold both ends back up.

Sew the loop with two spikes next to your double ruffle loop.

Next I made 2 spikes, just like the spikey pom pom.
To make my spikes I cut 3/8″ ribbon to 3 1/2″ and folded the ribbon in half.

I sewed it to the felt circle.

The Ric Rac was also a loop with 2 spikes.
I cut it to 6 1/2″ and made a loop with two spikes and sewed it on.

I repeated this process, putting the loops and spikes where they looked good to me.
There is really no rhyme or reason.

When you are done the felt circle will look so crazy!

Glue another felt circle over the top to make it look crisp and clean.

Glue a lined clip onto the felt circle and you are done!

Funky Loops Pom Pom - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

I love it!

Funky Loops Pom Pom - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

This is an actual Funky Loops Bow.

To make this bow you attach the spikes and loops to a french barrette by wrapping the thread around the clip. As I said before there are great instructions for this bow in the Tricks of the Trade Hair Bow Instructions.

Funky Loops Pom Pom - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

Here is the pom pom in my daughter’s hair.

Funky Loops Pom Pom - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

Doesn’t the bow look cute with this Flower Onesie?
Learn to make one for your little girl by clicking on the link.

Funky Loops Pom Pom - {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}

A great little outfit for Valentines Day!

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    Hi I’m Connie, I came over from Fabric Bows and more, I love that hair clip. I’m your newest LF and I would love it if you would stop by and be my friend, too.

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