How To Attach A Gerber Daisy To A Clip Video

How To Attach A Gerber Daisy To A Clip Video - The Ribbon Retreat BlogWelcome to video day! Hip, hip hooray!

I LOVE this video, because to be completely honest with you, I had no idea how to attach flowers to a clip. Remember, up until 5 months ago, I had only boys at my house (except for the family dog, and I wasn’t very interested in putting any clips or flowers in her hair) and therefore, I never had a need for knowing how to attach anything to a clip. Hehe!
However, now that I have a little miss in the house I attach anything and everything frilly to clips and headbands. 🙂

So when I bought my first flower (to attach to a clip), I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the little green stem hanging out the bottom of the flower. I had no idea how I was going to attach a clip to that little stem. I was LOST! Then, literally 2 days later, I received an email announcing our newest video and WAAAAA-LAAAA…Brynde showed me how to remove that little stem and put the beee-autiful flower I just bought onto a clip. Thank you Brynde!

Have you been stumped by that little green stem too? Check out our featured video for this week,
How To Attach A Gerber Daisy To A Clip and be enlightened!!

Who knew it was so easy and fast to make these adorable clips? I also love that we are shown how to mix and match two different colored flowers to create a multi-colored flower! Brilliant!
Now your little miss can have great big flowers attached to her headbands too, and everyone will think you are amazing, creative, and smart for conquering the little green stem. 🙂

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Happy Video Day & Happy Creating!
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