How to Make A Five Petal Flower, YouTube Thursday

Welcome to YouTube Thursday!

How To Make A Five Petal Flower, YouTube Thursday - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Today’s video is all about a dainty and sweet flower that is really, really cute, fun to make and super simple. If you can thread a needle and put a few stitches down the outer edges of a piece of ribbon, you are already a pro at making this adorable flower. This Five Petal Flower is the perfect hair accessory, because you can wear just one or you can cluster multiple flowers together on a headband or a clip to achieve a whole different look. You can even create this flower using multiple colors and types of ribbon to add depth and dimension to one single flower, oh…and don’t forget the incredible little touch of bling with a gorgeous gem or rhinestone added to the middle. Are you ready to get creative? Me too!

Here are the supplies:

7/8″ Ribbon
Needle and Thread
Felt Circle
Snap Clip or Headband
Hot Glue Gun

Ribbon and Gems
Enjoy this great video and adorable flower!

Isn’t that just about one of the cutest flowers? I just love the daintiness of that little beauty. I love how it shimmers with that satin ribbon and the extra glam that gem adds. I also appreciate all of the different looks you can get by a little change in ribbon color and embellishment. And what about that headband???? Yummy!

Today’s video is just one of many incredibly inspiring instructional videos that The Ribbon Retreat has available to you to show you how to make professional looking bows, headbands, ribbon sculptures, and other amazing projects. All of our videos are easy to follow and some of them even have the option of purchasing a kit which includes the supplies you will need to create your own project just like the one Shirley created in the video. Wow…right?!?

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Happy Creating & Happy Video Tutorials!
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