How to Make a Ponytail Cheer Bow Streamer, YouTube Thursday

Rah, Rah, Rah and Go, Fight, Win…our newest YouTube Video tutorial has just come in!
Ok, yes…I was a cheerleader for a really long time, so what better way to start today than with a sweet little cheer to introduce our brand new video that is something to cheer for, for sure!

However, for all of you non-cheerleaders…don’t worry, this cute little bow is perfect for you too. I have a niece that sports these adorable bows during her Volleyball matches and Softball games too…so let’s grab our supplies and get started. Regardless of where you will wear these fun Ponytail bows, they will be a home run!

Ribbon (different sizes)
Ponytail Holder
Needle and Thread
Hi-Temp Glue Gun
Heat Sealing Tool
Resin (optional)

Join Shirley as she teaches us how to create our very own personalized Ponytail Cheer Bows…but remember, this bow is not just for cheerleaders, but for dancers, basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball players and more! Enjoy!

Wow…so simple and so fun, right! Keep your hair out of your face with this perfect little ponytail bow while you are driving to the hoop, hitting that home run, or getting ready to spike that ball. With your favorite ribbons combined to celebrate your school colors and school spirit, you will have your very own personalized bow. This bow is so easy to put together, you will be able to make one for each member of your team in no time.

Along with so many others, we have written directions for this exciting little bow that you can find HERE. Make sure once you click on Cheerleader Ponytail Holder, you scroll to the bottom of the screen if the directions don’t automatically pop up!

You can also see all of our incredible video tutorials HERE. These videos are a great way to learn how to make some beeeautiful fun and frilly bows, headbands, ribbon sculptures and more. While you are checking out our video tutorials, make sure you don’t miss ONE by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

It’s time to get your cheer on and make some fun Cheer Bow Ponytail Holders. Like our other bows, they are addicting! Before you know it…not only will everyone on the team have a matching bow…but the whole audience will as well. That’s what I love about school spirit though…if the audience thought it would help their favorite team win, I know for sure they would all wear one of these Rah, Rah-rific bows too! 🙂

Happy Creating & Happy Ponytail Bows!
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