How To Make An Envelope Ribbon Sculpture, YouTube Thursday

How To Make An Envelope Ribbon Sculpture, YouTube Thursday - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Do you remember a time when you received a sweet love note from your crush, loved one or possibly a secret admirer? Cute and simple little notes that totally made your day and put that pretty smile on your face is the inspiration behind today’s absolutely adorable and very festive video tutorial. Today, is all about those lovely little letters but this time, they aren’t for you to read, but to accessorize your festive holiday attire with.

Welcome to YouTube Thursday and to our newest and super fun video tutorial. Today, Shirley is going to show us how to create an Envelop Ribbon Sculpture that is full of love and reminds me of nothing more than sweet little love notes.

Supplies needed are:

5/8″ White Grosgrain Ribbon
7/8″ White Grosgrain Ribbon
Heart Embellishment
Hot Glue Gun

White Grosgrain Tahiti Rose
Love is in the Air button
Enjoy this wonderful video tutorial and learning how to make an Envelope Ribbon Sculpture!

Way too cute right? This little ribbon sculpture is so sweet and looks incredible sitting on top of the spike bow made out of The Ribbon Retreat’s popular Cut-Out Heart Ribbon. I love how the little heart on the envelope looks like it flew right from the cut out ribbon to the top of that envelop sealing it’s contents with love. So cute!

Video tutorials are a great way to learn how to create fabulous projects! The Ribbon Retreat YouTube Channel is full of videos that teach you not only fabulous projects but AMAZING and professional looking hair bows, ribbon sculptures, and so much more! We have a wonderful selection for you to choose from and all of the videos are absolutely amazing! Want to check them out? Click HERE to view all of our video fun!

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The Ribbon Retreat has all of the supplies you will need to create any of the projects found in our YouTube videos. We even have available for you to purchase, kits of some of the projects you will find on our channel. The kit will provide you with all of The Ribbon Retreat supplies used in the project. They are awesome and so perfect for you and you and even…YOU! You can find those available kits by visiting our YouTube Channel!

Happy Creating & Happy YouTube Thursday!
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