How To Use Silly Grips, YouTube Thursday

How To Use Silly Grips, YouTube Thursday - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Wahoo, it’s YouTube Thursday…the day we get to get super crafty video style!

Today we are all about solving that major dilemma of taking the time to fix your little sweeties hair in super cute piggy tails, braids, twists or buns, just to turn around and see that the fun bow you placed proudly on top of your hair creation has fallen out and pulled half of the hair out with it. Let’s all give a big UGGG together, because we have all been there. It’s frustrating and down right buggy, right?!?

Well, worry no more and no more frustrating grunts and moans because Shirley is going to teach us all a little trick that is cheap, beyond easy and going to rescue you from having to count to 10 followed by great big inhales and exhales. HaHa!

The best part about today’s video is that you need two supplies…yep, only two. You are going to need a super cute bow or two or three and some of our FABULOUS (I mean FABULOUS) Silly Grips. These little beauties are going to be your new best friend. You simply place these little grips on your clip and that’s it. No mess, no more stress…just cute hair with an adorable accessory that no longer slips out with one flip of the head.

Silly Grips
Let’s join Shirley as she shows us how easy it really is to place these grips on all of bows in your house.

How To Use Silly Grips…

I know…crazy right and where have these little grips been our whole lives? I can’t wait to add them to each and every one of my little girlee’s bows, flowers, and anything else I think they might just work on. Haha!

You all know that I am a huge fan of YouTube Thursdays and watching and learning from these fabulous videos. I can’t wait to watch them while writing these posts. I get so excited and can’t wait to rewind it and create everything that Shirley creates. There are bow videos, ribbon sculpture videos, flower videos and other fun, fun videos…like on to teach you how to create a Ribbon Trimmed Tutu that is stunning. Check out our whole collection right HERE. Subscribe while you are there, and you can be one of the first to view our awesome videos week after week after week!

Here are just a few of our wonderful videos that you will find on our YouTube Channel. I just love them and know you will too!

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Happy Creating & Happy Video Tutorials!
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