Kanzashi Hair Bow, YouTube Video

Kanzashi Hair Bow, YouTube Video - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hello, hello readers and video tutorial viewers! Can you believe it is already YouTube Video Day? I seriously can’t believe how fast time is flying. It seems it was just yesterday that I introduced you to a fun and fluffy Easter Bunny ribbon sculpture with floppy ears, fluffy cheeks and cute googly eyes! Well today, is just like all the other YouTube Video days in the sense that our newest video tutorial is incredibly cute! It isn’t a fluffy bunny, but it is an adorably cute little hair bow! The thing I love about this fun hair bow is it’s uniqueness. I have never seen a bow created like this one. Instead of hot gluing or sewing the individual pieces of this bow, you simply melt the ribbon together to get the exact shape and foundation for this bow! I LOVE it! New tips, new tricks, a brand new video tutorial and a great new hair bow…it is a winning combination!

Let’s get started! I can’t wait for you to learn how to make this amazing Kanzashi Bow!


3″ Ribbon (or 2 1/4″)
2 1/4″ Ribbon (or 1 1/2″)
Coordinating 3/8″ Ribbon
Lined Clip
Clip for holding ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

It Doesn't Matter What Color...
Are you ready to watch the show? Enjoy!

What a great video, right?!? I love how you fold that ribbon and then melt it together to get the petals for the bow. So cute! You know what I think would be so darling? Instead of just making two petals, why not make 5 or 6 to make a real flower? Wouldn’t that be so much fun for Spring and Summer? You could put a sweet gem or resin in the middle and waaaaa-laaaaa, a fabulous little accessory for bright summer days and those warm sunny rays! So fun! So what are you waiting for? Visit The Ribbon Retreat right now to get all of your bright and sunny ribbon to make a whole bunch of these fun bows or your flowers, if you decide to throw some extra petals on your clip. You can find all of our ribbon selection HERE and all of our other crafty supplies, including those gems and resins we were discussing earlier, right HERE!

You know what else you can find at The Ribbon Retreat??? Over 140 fabulous video tutorials, just like today’s! From hair bows to home decor to sweet and fluffy tutus, we have a video tutorial just for you! With over 140 videos, surely there will be several videos you will fall in love with and want to watch to learn how to make the featured project! You can find all of our video tutorials HERE! You will love what you see and love what you will be able to learn to create! No matter your crafty experience, you will find a video tutorial just for you! Want a sneak peek of a few of the videos you will find when you visit our channel?

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YouTube videos are the best! Enjoy browsing our channel and don’t forget to subscribe so you can be the first one to know when a brand new video is released!

Happy Creating & Happy Video Tutorials!
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