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Hey Y’all!! I’m Beth from the blog Free Stylin’. I write about “living a stylish life without the expensive price tag.” 🙂 I am thrilled to be hanging out at The Ribbon Retreat today. This Oh Boy! series is awesome!! I am the mother of three super cute and active boys, ages 9, 4, and 3 months (yep…he’s a little guy!). My kidlets LOVE Legos. They have them all over the house. All over. Stepping on and picking up Legos and other toys is something we seem to do hourly at my house.

The boys tend to play with the same ones over and over, and it’s not always easy to keep track of all of the parts. That’s why I wanted to make a Lego/Toy organizer for them that would protect their favorite ones and keep them all in one spot. Since they like to bring a favorite toy with us places, and we travel in the car a little ways to visit Grandma, it was important to make this a travel organizer, too. And guess what else? This is a No-Sew project! Cuz I am terrible at it. My sewing machine and I hate each other. So for those of you who can’t sew like me, this is the project for you! 🙂 Here’s how to make the Lego/Toy Organizer:

Lego/Toy Organizer Supplies

You will need: *A jewelry organizer (I got mine at The Container Store) *Ribbon (I used Lil Spaceships and Camouflage in blue) *Ribbon Adhesive *Scissors *Measuring Tape (optional)

First, grab your organizer and count how many horizontal pocket divisions your organizer has. (Mine has 7 on one side and 6 on the other.) Second, measure the organizer’s length across (either with a measuring tape or you can just use your ribbon). Cut one piece of ribbon this length. It will be your template for the other ribbon pieces. Because we have a total of 13 horizontal pocket divisions, cut 13 pieces of ribbon plus 2 extra for ties.

Lego/Toy Organizer

Third, take one piece of ribbon. Unroll the ribbon adhesive across the back. Make sure it sticks well by pressing down as you go. After you have cut the adhesive, pull the backing off.

Lego/Toy Organizer

Fourth, fold the edges down, and then carefully place the ribbon on the organizer, pressing as you go. I placed the ribbon above the pocket openings, but you could also put it right below. You may need to add a tiny extra piece or two of adhesive to keep the edges down.

Lego/Toy Organizer

**If you can sew (lucky you!!), you could always use clear thread at this point and sew the ribbon on.**
Fifth, continue attaching the ribbon across the pockets of the organizer. Because I used two coordinating ribbons, I switched back and forth.

Lego and Toy Organizer - The Ribbon Retreat BlogAlmost done!

Sixth, time to make the ties so this can be portable. Take your two extra ribbon pieces. Attach one backwards facing in the middle of the very top ribbon. Attach the second piece forward facing in the middle of the third ribbon down.

Lego and Toy Organizer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

When the organizer is rolled up, it can now be tied.

Lego and Toy Organizer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

This allows your sweet guys to travel with their organizer…in the car, in a suit case, hang it on the hotel room door, or take it to a friend’s house.

Lego and Toy Organizer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

The great thing about this organizer is that it can keep ALL toys organized…

Lego and Toy Organizer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Lego and Toy Organizer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Which means this organizer isn’t just for boys! Your daughter can use it for her Barbies with tiny shoes and accessories, too. Just pick cute girl ribbon for her. 🙂 I hope this Lego/Toy Organizer is something you and your cute kids will love! It’s easy to make, and it seriously helps keep favorite pieces from getting lost. And you step on a few less Legos because of it. You’re welcome. 😉 Come on by and visit Free Stylin’ sometime!

Welcome Beth and thank you for this great Lego and Toy Organizer tutorial. How easy is that awesome bag to keep their most prized legos safe and sound….and your piggies safe from stepping on their little masterpieces! I love how this organizer rolls up and becomes portable in the blink of an eye! AND…What a great way to keep the kiddos busy in the car.
Thanks again Beth for sharing your talents with us today. For more great and innovative projects by Beth,
visit her at Free Stylin’.

Isn’t that a great project you can make for an upcoming birthday or Christmas present? With the option of changing the ribbon from little fella to little lady, this project is very versatile and can even be used for a mama personal hygiene travel bag. To see all of your ribbon choices at The Ribbon Retreat, come and visit us here. The Ribbon Retreat has more ribbon than you can imagine and is sure to be perfect for this project OR any project you may be working on.

Happy Creating and Thanks For Stopping By!
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  1. Carla
    Posted August 26, 2013 at 8:43 am | Permalink

    Oh my stinkin heck this is genius…

    (said in a tone of awe with mouth left slightly ajar)

  2. Beth @ Free Stylin'
    Posted August 26, 2013 at 7:09 pm | Permalink

    Thanks SO much, Carla! 🙂
    And thank you, Michelle! I’ve loved this Oh Boy! series! It’s awesome!! So glad I could be a part of it. 🙂

    • The Ribbon Retreat
      Posted August 26, 2013 at 9:17 pm | Permalink

      Hi Beth! You are so very welcome! Thank you for being a part of this super fun series! I am sad to see it come to an end this week, but I can’t wait for all our upcoming events and series. It is going to be a party! Have a great day! Michelle 🙂

  3. Brent Wood
    Posted August 28, 2013 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

    I loved Legos when I was a kid and something like this would have made it easier to take them places, keep the parents sane and avoid having them stepped on. Ouch!

    • The Ribbon Retreat
      Posted August 29, 2013 at 11:13 am | Permalink

      Hi Brent! Thank you so much or your comment! You are so right…being able to take your loved legos places and keeping parents sane are SUPER important! This project is perfect for both of the ever important points! Hehe! Thanks again Brent and have a wonderful day! Michelle 🙂

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