How to Make a Ghost Ribbon Sculpture, YouTube Thursday

How To Make A Ghost Ribbon Sculpture, YouTube Thursday - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Are you ready for witches, goblins and ghosts galore with lots of lots of orange and black with splashes of purple and green here and there? I seriously can’t believe that Halloween is next month, which means that before we know it Wal-Mart and Target will have their Christmas tree displays up and sparkling bright with flashing Christmas lights! I am pretty sure we were just celebrating all things Red, White and Blue a couple of days ago! Right? Where has this year gone?

Because the spoooookiest holiday of all is coming up and Halloween parties and costumes are starting to be planned, today’s YouTube Thursday is all about the cutest and friendliest ghost around that is the perfect addition to your Halloween parties and attire! Last year I made these adorable ghosts for my boy’s teachers, and let’s just say they were a HIT! Both teachers loved them and the other teachers wished they had one. Heeeeeeeheeheehee (of course, this is being said in my best high pitched and scary witch’s voice)!

Ghost Ribbon Sculpture
Ghost White Ribbon 6MM Gems Ghost Hair Clips
3/8” White Grosgrain
1/4” Grosgrain (for the bow)
3/8” Grosgrain (to line the hair clip, I used black)

Other Supplies:
Alligator Clip
Hi-Temp Hot Glue Gun
E6000 (optional)
6 mm Gems
5 mm Googly Eyes

Ready to make some ribbon sculptures? Let’s do it…these are so much fun! Enjoy!!!

The best thing about these ghosts are that they are soooooo easy to make, but they look incredible and like you spent a lot of time creating them. They make perfect gifts, perfect hair clips, or embellishments for a headband to match your holiday attire! Pin them to your jacket or scarf for a little holiday cheer for you, teachers, co-workers or friends too!

This great project can also be found in a written tutorial. Click the photo below to find that step by step tutorial.

Ghost Ribbon Sculptures - The Ribbon Retreat Blog.
Do you want to see more awesome video tutorials just like the one above? Then make sure to check out The Ribbon Retreat’s YouTube Channel. It is incredible and full of video’s that will teach you the art of making professional looking bows, ribbon sculptures and other fun crafts! Give our videos a big thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to our channel while you are there. That way you will never miss out on one of our videos…ever again! Here are a couple of videos you will find on our awesome, awesome channel…

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Happy Creating & Happy Video Day!
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