How To Make A Key Fob, YouTube Thursday

How To Make A Key Fob, YouTube Thursday - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Do you ever lose your keys? Maybe not necessarily really lose them, but more specifically, do you lose them in your purse or diaper bag? If you are anything like me, you may be nodding your head right now and reminiscing on a time when you stood in the rain with a couple of kids attached to your leg or one in your arms while you are desperately digging around in your purse looking for your keys. Hehe! The visual is all too familiar, right?!?

Today, we have a solution for all of us who sometimes struggle with keeping track of or finding those keys! Our solution is a cute, handy, trendy and not to mention….SO SIMPLE! Our video tutorial today…is this awesome Key Fob that keeps your keys together and so easy to find! I have a Key Fob on my keys and my standing in the rain days are now few and far between!

Let’s get started…but beware…you can’t make just one! They are super addicting and way too fun to make! Enjoy!

Cotton Webbing
Key Fob Hardware
Ribbon – 7/8” or smaller
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine or
Stitch Witchery/Hem Tape

Let’s make some Key Fobs…

Are you ready to make a Key Fob for all of your sets of keys? Even maybe one for the man in your life? My man happens to lose his keys a lot (he calls it “temporarily misplaced”…hehe). I think I should make him a super cool manly one with camoflauge, car, or guitar ribbon…don’t you? He would look so awesome walking into his job carrying his keys! I bet he would never lose them again! Wink, wink!

This awesome project can also be found in a written tutorial that has awesome step by step pictures and instructions that are super easy to follow! You can find those instructions HERE.

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