How To Make A Lady Bug Ribbon Sculpture, YouTube Thursday

How To Make A Lady Bug Ribbon Sculpture, YouTube Thurday - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
What is your favorite thing about summer? Too hard to name just one, right?!? Ok…then what is your Top 10 favorite things about summer? In my Top 10, you would find…fishing, taking bike rides with the fam, gorgeous bright and vibrant flowers, laying under the stars while drinking orange soda (my kiddos favorite) AND, you would find…Lady Bugs!

I love Lady Bugs and always know summer is here when I see those vibrant red shells with black polka dots staring back at me! So, needless to say, I am super excited to introduce today’s video tutorial, because Shirley is teaching us how to make an adorable, I repeat…ADORABLE Lady Bug ribbon sculpture that is definitely one of my favorite sculptures EVER! This little critter is super easy to create and so much fun to display! Ready to make one, or two…or twenty?

All you need is a couple of supplies:

3/8″ Red/Black Swiss Dots Ribbon
3/8″ Black Ribbon
Black Antenna (See tutorial HERE)
Needle and Thread
Hi-Temp Glue Gun
Lined Clip (See tutorial HERE)

Enjoy the show!!!

Cute right?!? This little Lady Bug is perfect for this upcoming summer season and would look adorable on your little girl’s head with it’s cute polka dot ribbon shell and little black antennas. Your little girl will love her new critter friend.

Along with this adorable Lady Bug, we have the cutest little Bumble Bee ribbon sculpture, that when coupled together, these two critters will catch eyes everywhere you go! Attach them to a clip or a headband for nothing but summer splendor and pure cuuuuuteness!! Who could resist?

We have so many cute ribbon sculpture tutorials that are easy to follow and so much fun to make! Learn how to make all of those ribbon sculptures HERE with our fabulous written tutorials…OR learn how to make some of your favorites HERE with our awesome video tutorials!

Happy Creating & Happy Videos!
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