How To Make A Surround A Bow, YouTube Thursday

How To Make A Surround a Bow, YouTube Thursday - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Guess what friends…it’s YouTube Thursday again!! Can I get a whoop, whoop? Haha! I love it!

Today’s video tutorial is all about a big, sassy, super adorable bow that will have your friends way impressed with your bow making skills and the professional looking bows you create! This is a fabulous Back to School bow, holiday, special event, or everyday bow that will have your little lady looking mighty fine!! These bows are stacked high and full of absolute cuteness!

Want to make one or two or ten? Let’s do it!

Surround a Bow Template
Surround Template
Brilliant Bow Maker Surround Kit
3/8″ Ribbon
Bows for stacked bow
Lined Clip or Headband
Needle and Thread
Lighter or Fray Check
Hi-Temp Glue Gun

Enjoy the show!

Super fun right? And the best part about this incredible bow is that you just learned how to make not one, but several different bow techniques. You can use these fun techniques to create different combinations of bows that are one of a kind! Great fun right?!? I love this stacked bow and think it looks incredible atop sweet little heads!

Great job today everyone! Now that you know how to create this fun, full bow, you can make one for all of your girlee’s friends, cousins and neighbors too! These fun bows also make great gifts for all the sweet little girls you know! But, I must warn you…once you make one, you won’t be able to stop. They are fun to make and SUPER addicting!

Want to learn how to make more fun and addicting bows, headbands and adorable ribbon sculptures? Head on over to our fabulous YouTube Channel where you will find nothing but gorgeous accessories to dress up that Back to School outfit! You can find our channel right HERE! Check it out! You will love it and soon be making hair accessories just like a pro!

Just in case you need a little preview of what you will find when you visit our super creative and super fun channel…here are a few of our fabulous video tutorials!

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Are you ready to craft the night away! Awesome, let’s do it! But wait…where are you going to get all of your needed supplies to create these adorable accessories? No worries, we have you covered! All of the supplies used in these fabulous videos are available to YOU right here at The Ribbon Retreat! We have all the RIBBON, FLOWERS, BLING & RESINS, RIC RAC & TRIM, CLIPS & HARDWARE and on and on and on, that you can imagine! Phew…that’s a lot of stuff! So, come over and visit us at, what will soon be, your favorite ONE stop crafting shop!!!

Happy Creating & Happy Bow Making!
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