Mini Top Hat Tutorial

Mini Hat Top Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat BlogHello again, it’s Rebeca from ClipsNThings. Today’s tutorial is a mini top hat fascinator.
This top hat has many uses. It can be used for adults as a party accessory, or for girls or boys in a photo shoot. Many photographers offer photo shoots when your child turns one year old. You can make this top hat fascinator for girls and pair it with a fancy satin ruffle dress and a pearl necklace, or use it for a boy and pair it with a bow tie and suspenders.

These instructions are to make your hat for both boys and girls.
I have also included instructions for making the flower fastener part interchangeable, so you can make many flower options and attach it to the top hat.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogSupplies Needed:
Felt piece 8 ½” X 11”
Cardstock for the pattern
Flower of choice (For this example I used 2 daisies pink and zebra)
Feathers of choice (Purple feathers, peacock tails)
Alligator Clip
FOE headband or alligator clips, 3 felt circles
Sewing machine, thread and needle

~Mini Top Hat Fascinator~

Print off pattern.
(This pattern includes the sewing margin.)
Lay pattern on felt piece and cut out the pieces. Notice you will need 2 pieces of the brim. Cut both pieces out, and then cut out the inner circle from the pattern. Trace this circle on to your second felt brim piece and cut it out as well. Lay the pattern on some cardstock or empty cereal box and cut out the shapes. Trim off about ¼” of the cardboard.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThis is what you will have.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogRoll the piece that goes around the hat and insert it through the hole in the brim, as shown.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogSew the two pieces together. It will be a bit awkward, but just go slow.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogKeeping it inside out, stitch the part that goes around the hat closed. Lay the crown on top of the top hat and sew it on.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogTurn the hat inside out and insert the cardboard crown cut out and the cardboard cut out for the part around the hat. I suggest using the cardstock cut out inside the top hat to help it hold its shape, but this is optional.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogGlue the brim cut out of cardstock on to the felt brim.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogStitch both brim pieces together. This part can be tricky because the top hat is stiff due to the cardstock, if you used it. Once sewn, you can trim the brim if the pieces aren’t evenly shaped.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogCut out a tiny rectangle piece of felt, approximately ½” by 1 ½”. Fold it over and stitch it to your top hat. Make sure it is big enough for an alligator clip to fit through, but small enough to hold the alligator clip in place.
I sew mine on the seam so that when I add the flower attachment it covers it. It also allows the opposite side to be seam free and you can use it as a boy’s top hat as well. You will need to add either alligator clips to the bottom of the brim, or sew on a headband to be able to attach it to your head or a child’s head.
Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogNow to make the flower attachment! You will need a flower, feathers, and a rhinestone centre. Use any flower you’d like.
I chose to use 2 daisies, a pink one and a zebra one. I love mixing and matching my daisies, so I take the flower apart and lay the petals out. You will notice each daisy comes with 3 large petals and 3 small petals, plus the small petal with the rhinestone attached. Rearrange your petals to a design of your choice, as shown in the second picture. Make sure you glue each petal together to hold it in place.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogPlay around with the positioning of your feathers and flower. You will notice that the ends of the feathers are sticking out below the flower. Sometimes the feathers may need to be cut shorter than they are.

Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogWhen you are happy with the feather placement,
trim them if you need to and sandwich them with glue between 2 felt circles.
Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogGlue an alligator clip to a felt circle and attach to your feathers and flower piece. Don’t forget to glue the rhinestone embellishment you have chosen as well.
Mini Top Hat Fastener - The Ribbon Retreat BlogThere you have it, a mini top hat fascinator!! It works for girls as well as boys. You can also make a bow tie and suspenders for boys to go with the top hat.

Feel free to check out my facebook page and see the other fascinator top hats I’ve made. You can use anything from feathers, tulle, french netting or anything you choose to make your fancy piece.
You can even make a flower using silk ribbon.

Thank you Rebeca! What a fun accessory for both girlees and fellas. I think this tutorial is fun and perfect for everyday, photo shoots, parties, and much much more. What a great and innovative idea. 🙂

If you love this Mini Top Hat by Rebeca, you will love visiting her on Facebook at ClipsNThings. She would love the visit, and you will love her creations.

We have so many fun accessory posts that you are sure to love.
Check them out and get ready to be inspired to craft away!!!

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Have a wonderful crafty day!!!
Happy Creating!
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  1. Tamera Westhoff
    Posted June 26, 2013 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    I was super excited about this tutorial! So, I went out and bought some black felt and then tried to follow the directions. I added some to mine, because I liked it better that way. I also made it a little bigger, because it was super hard to sew that small! That and I like to go big. Here’s my post about it:

    • The Ribbon Retreat
      Posted June 27, 2013 at 12:09 am | Permalink

      Hi Tamera! That is so awesome! I am so glad that you tried our tutorial. I LOVE it! I also loved that you adapted it to work best for you. Great, great job!!! Thanks for your comment Tamera! 🙂

  2. Laurel
    Posted March 14, 2016 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    I had been searching & searching for a “leprechaun hat” tutorial to make for a doggy with no luck- only expensive ones for sale. It finally occurred to me to search for “top hat” and viola! Your tutorial was really helpful. I’m new to sewing & not very good at it but I’m having lots of fun. I hate sewing by hand and was able to use my machine to sew the brim on thanks to you!

    • The Ribbon Retreat
      Posted March 15, 2016 at 8:15 am | Permalink

      Hi Laurel! Yay! I am so glad you found our tutorial and that it was a success for you! Great job on creating your own! You are awesome! Have a great day and thank you so much for sharing! Michelle 🙂

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