Patriotic Bunting Pillow

Use decorative fabric bunting on a pillow for cute decor!

Hi friends, It’s Brittany here with more fun 4th of July decor to share!
I hope you love my latest project as much as I do.

I love pretty much anything bunting/banner related (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?)
I also love decorating my home with pillows, so I combined these two favorites and came up with this cute little number.

Bunting and pillow, it was a match made in heaven!

Learn how to make a pillow for every holiday.

What? You want to make one of your own?
Well, you are in luck, my friend because I have a handy dandy bunting pillow tutorial just for you!

Patriotic Bunting Pillow

Supplies for the patriotic bunting pillow.


40″x 20″ White Muslin
2″ fabric scraps
(I used Liberty Blue Essential Dots fabric,
Apple Bouquet for the Teacher School Days fabric,
Cream Circle Fly a Kite fabric,
Cream Floral Stars and Stripes fabric,
Blue Dots Stars and Stripes fabric,
Red Stars Stars and Stripes fabric)
Wonder Under or HeatnBond
40″ Royal Blue 3/4″ Ric Rac
Out of the Blue So Fine! Thread
Pearl So Fine! Thread
Pinking Shears (optional)
Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter
That Purple Thang!
Silver Marking Pencil

Prepare your fabric by ironing it.
Using a cutting mat and rotary cutter, cut out 2 rectangle 20″x10″ pieces of the white Muslin.

With your Silver Marking Pencil lightly mark where you want your two buntings to be.

Make a 2″ triangle template out of paper or cardboard and trace 17 triangles onto your Wonder Under.

Trace triangles onto Wonder Under.

You kind of need to decide how many triangles of each fabric you want before ironing the Wonder Under to your fabric.
17 two inch triangles fit onto my pillow, so I had 3 triangles of most of the fabrics, but 2 or 4 of others.

Cut out the Wonder Under triangles. Lay the shiny side of the Wonder Under onto the wrong side of your fabric and press with an iron.

Iron to fabric.

Cut out the triangles. For a fun touch I used my pinking shears.

Cut out triangles.

Peel the Wonder Under off of your triangles and press onto the white Muslin, using the lines you drew as a guide.

Iron onto your fabric.

This part is probably where you should learn from my mistake and do as I say, not as I do.
I wish I had done the buntings separately, but I did them both at once.

The pillow still turned out super cute, but if I was to do it again I would iron on the triangles of the first bunting and sew them, and then repeat with the second bunting.
Does that make sense?

Moving on… after you iron the triangles on with the Wonder Under you can doubly secure them by sewing them onto the white Muslin fabric.
I just sewed straight stitches down the sides of the triangles and left the top of the triangles alone because I knew I would be adding Ric Rac to the top later.

Make sure your needle is down when you are turning at the corners of the triangles.

Sew triangles down.

After sewing the triangles smooth out your fabric with an iron.

Press out wrinkles.

This is where the Ric Rac comes in.
You could use ribbon or bias tape, even the stitching alone would be cute, but I have a thing for Ric Rac.
I just love the stuff!

Pin the Ric Rac in place, laying it over the triangle buntings.

Pin Ric Rac over the triangles.

Sew the Ric Rac onto your fabric, removing the pins as you go.
Don’t forget to backstitch!

Sew Ric Rac down.

Iron your fabric again, just to make sure it’s nice and smooth before you sew your pillow together.

Iron again.

With the right sides of your fabrics facing pin the two white rectangles together.

When sewing the two fabrics together you’ll want to leave a space in the middle so that you can turn your pillow inside out and stuff it.
So, find the middle of the bottom of your pillow and start sewing about 3 inches to the right of that.

Again, remember to back stitch and remove your pins as you sew.
Stop sewing about 3 inches to the left of the middle, leaving a 6 inch space in the bottom of the pillow.

Sew pillow right sides together.

After sewing your pillow, turn it inside out in through the opening at the bottom.
For nice, crisp corners use That Purple Thang!

Stuff the pillow with fiberfill.
For the record, I used a lot more fiberfill than I planned on.
You’ll probably want to plan on using an entire bag.

Stuff the pillow.

Using a needle and thread sew the pillow shut.

Sew opening shut.

The reason you leave the space on the bottom of the pillow is because that is where your hand sewing will be best hidden.
I used a simple whipping stitch to secure the space shut.

Whipstitch closing the pillow.

And you’re done!
Do you love it as much as I do?

Learn how to make a pillow for every holiday.

Pillows are great to decorate with for any occasion!
Whether you tuck a pillow into a corner of a shelf or display it on a sofa or chair, they really brighten up a room and add a fun touch!

Happy crafting and have fun!

Thanks Britt! I love this pillow! Buntings are adorable on just about anything! I think I need one for every holiday. 🙂

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Have a wonderful day! ~ Shirley

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