Rag Car Seat Tent

Rag Car Seat Tent - The Ribbon Retreat BlogCome learn how to protect your most precious cargo from the sun, wind, or the cold weather. This rag car seat tent cover is perfect for a boy or a girl! Grab your favorite fabric and come create with us!

Hi again, it’s Kaysi from
Keeping it Simple.

I’m so excited to be here today to show you how I made a fun rag car seat tent for my little guy.  I’m due to have the baby any day now.  This one is my 5th child and my 4th boy.  Since I already have 3 boys, I have a ton of boy stuff.  I wanted to make something special for this little guy, because he is going to be getting a lot of hand me down things. 

I never made a car seat tent for any of my other kids, so I thought it would be fun for him to have one.  I love how it turned out and of course the fabrics at The Ribbon Retreat are awesome, and I found exactly what I was looking for! I love their fabric selection. 

His car seat is black, grey and red so I wanted to stick with that color scheme.  The chevron fabrics are from the Moda line Mama Said Sew, the red is from Moda Dottie, the grey stripe is from Moda Jubilee and the grey and black dots are from the Riley Blake line Dots.

rag car seat tent (1)

This is how I made it:

I cut each piece of fabric into 10×10 inch squares, four of them.  So I had 20 squares all together.

rag car seat tent (2)

Then I placed the squares on top of each other, with the back facing each other.  This is opposite of what you usually do because the seam is on the outside.  Make sure you are consistent with your seam, I sewed a 5/8” seam every time.

rag car seat tent (3)

I did four squares per row.

rag car seat tent (4)

Then I worked on sewing the rows together.  Make sure to line up the seam of the squares and pin them together.  Place the backs together of one row to the next row and sew the 5/8” seam.

rag car seat tent (6)

Here are all 5 rows sewn together.

rag car seat tent (7)

Now for the rag part. Cut slits into the seams about 1/2 inch apart.

rag car seat tent (9)

Here is the whole thing all cut up.

rag car seat tent (10)

Now for the straps.  I originally planned on just having 2 straps but I placed them too far apart, so I had to improvise and make another for the middle.  I cut them 3×10 but they would be better around 3×8 inches.

rag car seat tent (13)

I placed the front sides together and sewed 3 of the sides.

rag car seat tent (14)

Then I flipped it inside out and did a top stitch around all four sides.  Then I sewed some Velcro onto the straps.

rag car seat tent (18)

I placed the strap onto the tent, pinned it and then sewed a little rectangle directly onto the tent.

rag car seat tent (20)

Once you are done with the straps, you will need to measure the whole thing.  Mine was 36×45 inches, so I cut the back fabric to that size.  I pinned the whole thing down onto the tent and then rounded the edges with a bowl and cut them.

rag car seat tent (21)

I sewed all along the edge of the tent, leaving a little section open, so you can flip it inside out.

rag car seat tent (23)

Once it was flipped inside out, I did a top stitch all around the edge of the car seat tent.  This closed the hole and makes it looks a ton better.

rag car seat tent (24)

And here it is all finished!

rag car seat tent (26)

And now my baby will be protected from the sun, wind and weather.

Rag Car Seat Tent - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Rag Car Seat Tent - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Rag Car Seat Tent - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

And here’s what the inside looks like, I think he’s going to like looking at it all the time!

Rag Car Seat Tent - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Thanks for having me here today!!

Thank you Kaysi! Wow, what an adorable car seat tent! I love it! Kaysi is a very talented woman, and we love her sharing with us her great talent for sewing! Congrats on your 4th little boy. He will look so great in his car seat with his new rag car seat tent. Thanks again Kaysi!

This would be a FABulous shower gift or perfect for a new little one coming to your family! Kaysi’s fabric choices are so cute. The Ribbon Retreat has such a great selection of fabric. You could create and personalize this rag car seat tent to a rough and tough boy or dainty little girl with your choice of fabric. Come check us out and get ready for that new little one. Have fun creating your rag car seat tent!

Happy Creating!

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