Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile

With only 5 more weeks left before our 4th little babe arrives, I have been in major baby decor and quilting mode to get ready for this sweet little one to arrive. So, when Mary first approached me about her project idea for today’s post, I was super excited and immediately said yes! I love sweet little mobiles, especially those made out of felt. I am a little bit of a felt junkie, although I don’t have any projects made from felt, but I sure like the thought of them and how they look on Pinterest and other crafty sites! I sure hope you love this adorable mobile as much as we do and get to make one of your very own, very soon! Enjoy!

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hello all, Mary back on the blog again!! When I saw that The Ribbon Retreat came out with new felt I had to get my hands on some and the light bulb in my head went off for one of my Pinterest crafts, I had pinned, made with felt. In an ideal world I could probably spend weeks if not months making everything I would like to make to decorate my kid’s rooms, but alas I have to make “wish lists” and knock things off of it as I find time, or sign myself up for a tutorial in which case I MUST MAKE TIME!! I’m pretty sure that the two reasons I continue to blog is A.) Michelle is awesome and always accommodating with my “running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off” life and B.) So that I make time to craft and share it with you!!

One of the items for my daughter’s room wish list was this adorable cloud with rainbow hearts, streaming down from it, mobile I found on Pinterest, found HERE. Her room is mostly hot air balloon themed but we are also throwing in super girly things like clouds, rainbows, and birds. Her big blank wall I would like to turn into a 3D work of art and this was a perfect fit. I started out doubling up my cutting and sewing to make two but so far have just finished one, which is better than none right??!

First off start by choosing some fabulous felt. You’ll notice orange didn’t make it into my cloud mix because my daughter voted it out, but now I have some perfect felt for a Halloween/pumpkin craft of some sort!! You will love this felt it is made very well and I love the colors! It holds up very well under the needle and yes even held up to my seam ripper quite a few times…sewing small things is easier said than done!!

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Other supplies you will need:
Polyfill for stuffing (I forgot to get that in the pic)
Clear thread
Matching thread for hearts
White felt or fleece (I had fleece on hand so used that but after working with the felt, would have preferred to use felt for the cloud!)
Sewing machine
Fabric marker

Crafting Felt

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Start off by drawing out your hearts onto your felt. I found a template HERE, because I don’t trust myself to draw hearts. Haha. I cut out two of each and doubled the felt over while drawing/cutting to speed up the process.

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Sew each heart using a zig zag stitch. I didn’t bother switching out the bobbin but did match top stitch thread to the color of the heart. Sew, leaving a little gap to stuff and then continue to sew shut.

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Next step draw your clouds onto your fleece or felt and cut out.

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I sewed a small strip of fleece onto the back of my cloud to have a place for it to hang from.

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Pin your cloud and then sew just as you did with your hearts. Stuff and sew shut. I used a slightly wider stitch for the cloud.

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I marked out where I wanted my hearts to hang from by measuring the spaces. I didn’t measure correctly the first time so don’t mind my double set of lines.

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Now all you have to do is take your clear thread and sew a heart to each marked spot. I differed the lengths for variety. You can take a wet paper towel or wipe to your marked spots and they should come right off! Hang it up wherever you like and you are done!!

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Thank you all so much for reading along and I hope you enjoy making your very own Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile!

Thank you so very much Mary! What a super fun and very easy project that girls young and old are sure to love. I currently don’t have a mobile over our crib, but think it could really use a colorful and simple mobile just like this one! I too love The Ribbon Retreat’s brand new felt and can’t wait to stop dreaming about and pinning felt projects, but to start actually crafting them as well! I think I might just have to start with this adorable mobile and then move onto some super fun bows and flowers with the scraps…..oooooo, I can’t wait!

Making decor for our homes and more specifically, our kiddo’s bedrooms is really a lot of fun! There is so much you can create to give each and every room it’s own personality and flair! Here are a few more home decor projects that everyone in your home is sure to love!

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Are you ready to make some colorfully adorable projects for your home? Make sure to stop by The Ribbon Retreat to get all of the supplies needed to create your perfect decoration. From buttons to felt and flowers to ribbon, we have everything you’ll need to make the cutest crafts in town! Find all of our crafty supplies HERE!

Raining Hearts and Cloud Mobile - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Home Decor!
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