Ribbon Ceiling Medallion

When I was pregnant with my sweet little girlee, my favorite part about planning for her arrival was making her blankets, burp clothes and bows AND decorating her room with handmade creations! At the time I had 2 boys whose room was decorated in a Western theme with lots of blue. So, finally getting to add pink and flowers and all things girlee was so much fun! I LOVED decorating her room, just like Jessica from What Does The Cox Say? loves decorating her sweet gal’s room! Jessica is sharing an adorable Ceiling Medallion that she added to her daughter’s room that is full of lace and flowers and pretty little gems. Enjoy this fun project and making one for your little sweetie’s room!

Hi Everyone!
My name is Jess, and I blog over at What Does The Cox Say? A creative lifestyle blog where I share craft tutorials, recipes, my weight loss journey and more! I am so excited to share this Ribbon Ceiling Medallion with you today.

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
My daughters’ room has been an ongoing project, and I knew I wanted a little something special to put in there with a message from me. I bought a chandelier a while ago and kept seeing adorable ceiling medallions but they were over the top expensive, and I knew I could make one myself and personalize it with a message that I wanted to say to her.

I love ribbon, I think it adds so much fun and dimension to different projects.

Here’s what you need to make your own Ribbon Ceiling Medallion:

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
16″ Ceiling Medallion (this size is perfect for a smaller fixture)
Gold Paint
Foam Paintbrush
Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks
Needle & Thread
3-25mm Pearl Flowers
18 mm Ivory Pearlies
Lavender & Light Gray Petite Lace
Ivory, Light Orchid, and Light Pink 7/8″ Spooled Ruffle Ribbon
7/8″ Dainty Lace
Washable Marker

Get All Of Your Supplies
Paint the medallion. With the metallic paint I chose, it took several coats of paint but the end result is so perfect it was worth the time. Let your paint sit between coats. I admit, I had to whip out the blow dryer towards the end because I was so excited to get the rest of my project going!

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
While the paint is drying on your medallion, gather the supplies for your ribbon flowers. This is where I used the Pearlies, Pearl Flowers and Spooled Ruffle Ribbon.

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
These ribbon flowers were so easy to make! I cut about 24 inches of ribbon and then simply gather stitched right above the bottom ruffle. You can see what that looks like in the picture below. As you stitch, the ribbon will gather itself and start to spiral which is perfect for the flower shape. I fastened the ribbon in a few places with a small amount of hot glue to make sure it kept its shape.

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Once I had the flower base, I glued the Pearl Flower directly to the middle of it. I think this flower would be DARLING as a bow for a little girl’s hair. So I made a few more just for my daughter. If you’d like to turn it into a bow you could either glue or hand sew it to an alligator clip and voila! You have a classy bow for a little girl, or even for you!

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Once the medallion is completely dry, layout your design. I set my flowers on first and added a couple of petite lace leaves to two of my ribbon flowers. Grab your Dainty Lace and start spelling out your word. I wanted mine to say “Sweet Dreams” but you could personalize it with a name or special saying. I fastened the letters with hot glue as I went.

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
To add more dimension use another type of lace or ribbon for the second word, or even each letter. I used the lavender petite lace. Since I was using cursive with it, I used a washable marker to give myself a guide. You could start out with the washable marker as a guide from the beginning, though I’d recommend using a lighter color marker.

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Often times you learn as you go so I learned some lessons for you! The petite lace was a little too thick to pull off cursive but I loved the trim around the edges, so I just used that. This lace has some stretch to it which is perfect for the curves in my letters.

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
This step is where you get up close and personal with your glue gun. If you don’t have a high tolerance for the glue, I’d recommend using the tip of a chopstick to avoid burns. Trace the lines you wrote with your glue then fasten the ribbon to it.

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Once you’ve finished all of your ribbon writing, attach your Ribbon Flowers and that’s it! You’ve got yourself a Ribbon Ceiling Medallion!

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
All that is left is for you to install your medallion, I think it is the perfect addition to any little girl’s room and it has a sweet message from you. There’s something special about crafts from the heart and this is one of them!

Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I would love for you to stop by and visit me at What Does The Cox Say? Where I have more projects for you and more of my little girl’s room!

Thank you Jessica for sharing this adorable decoration for your sweet daughter’s room. Your ceiling medallion is stunning, and I love how you personalized it with a sweet message from you. I also LOVE those ribbon flowers embellished with those gorgeous gems and how they add so much to that great medallion! The chandelier looks amazing, and you have one lucky little girl to have such a creative mama and adorable room!
Want to see more creative projects by Jess? Make sure to visit her at What Does The Cox Say?!

Creating adorable handmade projects and crafts for your home, family, friends or anyone you choose is so much fun and rewarding! Here are a few more fabulous home decor projects that are fun, fun, fun and look incredible in your home!

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Ribbon Ceiling Medallion - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Ceiling Medallions!
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