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What is your favorite thing about the 4th of July? Do you love to BBQ, attend a parade, see the gorgeous, bold and strong red, white and blue American Flag proudly swaying in the wind, or is it watching brilliant bursts of color displayed in the sky as you witness a marvel of fireworks exploding with excitement? Although I love them all, I do love to watch a magnificent fireworks show! Today, Deanna from SewMcCool is sharing her own explosion of cuteness with an adorable little Ribbon Firecracker Hair Clip ready to accompany you and your family to all of your exciting 4th of July festivities! Enjoy!

Ribbon Firecracker Hair Clip - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Hi there! This is Deanna from SewMcCool. I’ve been working with ribbon and making bows for eight years, and my first published book, “50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make,” will be released Aug. 5 through St. Martin’s Press!

I think the summer holidays are my favorite. Living in Northern Indiana, I’ve always loved the fun and freedom of summer. I remember hot Fourth of July nights as a kid, watching the fireworks, having picnics….and yes, hearing the kids across the street light firecrackers.

Boom. Boom.

A little scary! But not all firecrackers are loud, or scary for kids! These ribbon firecracker hair clips are perfect for Independence Day, and your little girls will get lots of compliments.

What you’ll need:

* Small amount of 1 1/2in-wide ribbon in patriotic colors
* Small amount of either 3/8in- or 1/4in-wide ribbon in yellow
* Ribbon-lined pinch clip or barrette
* Hot glue gun and glue
* Wood-burning tool

4th of July Flag Patriotic Ribbon Button Yellow Grosgrain

How to make a ribbon firecracker clip:

First, cut the 1 1/2in ribbon into two, 2-in strips and seal the ends with your wood-burning tool.

Next, cut three pieces of either 3/8in or 1/4in yellow or gold ribbon to about 1 1/2in long each, and with the wood-burning tool, cut them in half lengthwise to make them thinner (this also seals them as you cut).

You’ll have six thin pieces of yellow ribbon, as shown below.

Ribbon Firecracker Hair Clip - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
To make your firecrackers, roll one of the 1 1/2in ribbon pieces lengthwise, into a long-ish tube (shown in photo 1 of the collage, below). Crease it slightly to find the flat center (photo 2 below), because this is where we’ll glue our “sparks.”

Now glue three of the six pieces of yellow ribbon into the center with the ends sticking outward, as shown in photo 3 of the collage, below.

Finally, roll the tube back up, keeping the yellow pieces on the inside, and glue along the seam (photo 4 of the collage, below).

Ribbon Firecracker Hair Clip - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Repeat those steps with the second group of ribbons, so that you’ll have two firecrackers.

Now, glue them on top of the lined barrette or pinch clip on top of each other, but angled in a pleasing way (second photo, below).

Ribbon Firecracker Hair Clip - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Admire your work, and delight your little girl with a cute and festive ribbon firecracker hair clip for the Fourth of July!

Ribbon Firecracker Hair Clip - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
If you prefer bows to clips – these little ribbon firecrackers make cute bow centers, too! And, if you’d like, you can add more “sparks” inside the tube to make the firecrackers look even more three-dimensional.

Enjoy! And thanks so much for letting me visit here from! (

The great thing about this festive little clip is that you can attach it to your hair, jacket, t-shirt, bag or whatever else you can think of. It is so cute and a perfect accessory for the excitement that comes along with our nation’s celebration of it’s freedom! Happy 4th of July!!!

Thank you Deanna for sharing your awesome talent with us! For more incredible projects by Deanna, make sure to stop by SewMcCool and say hello! Deanna is a genius with ribbon and has an incredible blog where you can see her amazing talent and ribbon creations!

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What is your favorite firecracker bow, hair clip or headband?

Ribbon Firecracker Hair Clip - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Firecrackers!
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