Ribbon Flag Wall Art

Are you a crafter who prefers lengthy projects that are slightly labor intensive, or are you a crafter who wants 10-15 minute projects? I am very curious, because until up to about a month ago, I preferred the labor intensive but extremely gratifying crafts. However, lately I am loving the 10-15 minute crafts that require a couple of supplies, less than 30 minutes of your time and a great big smile on the face of the one you created the project for. Leave me a comment and let me know what kind of crafter you are…I would love to know!!! Christine from I Dig Pinterest is sharing one of those 10-15 minute crafts today that is fun, festive, adoable and very patriotic. Enjoy!

Hi Ribbon Retreat readers!  It’s Christine again from I Dig Pinterest, here to share how to make this fabulously patriotic and unbelievably simple burlap Ribbon Flag Wall Art.  Probably my favorite part about it is that it doesn’t require a sewing machine!  Hot glue will do the trick just fine.  

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I made this in about 20 minutes!  Seriously.  If all DIY decor pieces were this easy to throw together, my house would be filled with them.  Oh wait, it already is.  Ha!
Isn’t it cute?!?  I have always been a fan of ric rac and burlap, so I knew I needed to find a way to incorporate them into today’s stars and stripes project.  
Here’s what you’ll need to make this fun craft that can adorn your home for Memorial Day and Independence Day, or all year-round to show some American pride.

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

3″ Solid Grosgrain Ribbon in Dark Royal
3/4″ Red Ric Rac
3/4″ White Ric Rac
Small White Buttons
Hot Glue Gun

Ric Rac Ric Rac and Ribbon Button 3in Grograsin
Be prepared-your jaw just might drop when you see how fast this comes together. 🙂

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

First cut a piece of burlap to fit exactly inside your frame.  You’ll need a cardboard backing piece in the same size as well.

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Next, cut a large square of blue ribbon.  The size will depend on how big your frame is, and how much space you want the flag to take up.

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Now cut two white pieces of ric rac and three red.  These will be shorter than the next set, because they’ll run after the blue square.  Again, just determine how much space you want your flag to take up, and cut accordingly.

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Now do the same for the longer stripes.  I actually only ended up using three white and two red strips in the longer lengths.

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Glue your burlap to the backing that will go into your frame.  Glue the blue square where you’d like it, then begin gluing your ric rac pieces, alternating between red and white, of course.  Give them a little bit of space in between. I started with red, to stay true to the real flag’s look, but didn’t end up doing all 13 stripes. Trim the ribbon lengths as you go to keep them even.
My stripes ended up running downhill slightly (oops!), so if you’re worried about this, use a fabric pen to mark where the beginning and end of the ric rac will be.

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Next, glue white buttons to the blue piece to act as stars.  I used 8, but feel free to include as many or as little as you like. 

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Now place the finished piece in your frame and display for all to see!  It doesn’t get much easier than that!
I hope you love this simple patriotic decoration!
It was great being here today! Thanks so much for having me!

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Let you American Pride shine with this adorable, quick and easy ribbon and ric rac flag. This is a project that would also be great to use up some of your ribbon and ric rac scraps on or to purchase a brand new yard or two and make this cute decor for all of your family and friends! This ribbon and ric rac flag is awesome, and I am sure one just like it will look perfect amongst my other 4th of July holiday decor that I am so excited to put out! To see more incredible crafts by Christine, make sure to head over I Dig Pinterest where you will find her making and baking yummy food, designing adorable printables and creating other fun crafts.

Ribbon and ric rac go hand in hand when creativity hits. They create the cutest crafts from hair bows to cute little dresses to table runners and more. Here are a few other fun and festive projects that showcase these two products that are a blast to work with…

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Ric Rac and Ribbon Receiving Blanket

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Korker Bow with Krinkle Ribbon and Ric Rac

What is your favorite way to use ric rac and ribbon?

Ribbon Flag Wall Art - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Happy Creating & Happy Flags!
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