Ribbon Notebook, For Summer Fun

With Summer vacation quickly approaching for most school aged kiddos, I thought it would be fun to create an easy and colorful ribbon notebook perfect for journaling all those fun Summertime activities your little ones love to enjoy!

Ribbon Notebook, for Summer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

To make a couple of your own for your kids this Summer, you’ll need:

small, lined notebooks {think dollar store}

colorful scrapbook paper

various coordinating ribbons from The Ribbon Retreat

various coordinating buttons from The Ribbon Retreat

Mod Podge

foam brush


Ribbon Notebook, for Summer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

I started by sizing the scrapbook paper to fit the front cover of the notebook just by tracing around the cover and cutting. A thin, even layer of Mod Podge works great to secure the paper to the notebook cover.

I then began to start cutting small pieces of the ribbon and tying them to the wire binding of the notebook.

Ribbon Notebook, for Summer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

This part was so easy, and honestly I just did it while sitting in front of the TV one afternoon. It took no time at all! Soon the entire binding was covered with colorful ribbon!

Ribbon Notebook, for Summer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Since this notebook will be for my little guy, I put a J on the front cover with some cute blue and green buttons, also from the Ribbon Retreat.

Ribbon Notebook, for Summer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

And there you have it. A fun and colorful ribbon notebook to record all of our adventures together this Summer!

Ribbon Notebook, for Summer - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

What do you think your little guy or gal would use theirs for this Summer?


As a little girl, making or receiving something like this would have been a dream come true! I loved notebooks and to doodle. I would pretend I could write stories and draw beautiful pictures well before I even knew how to hold a crayon, let a lone a pencil, properly. Now that I am a little older…wink, wink…I can’t lie, I still love to doodle, and I still love notebooks. The only difference, I am a little better at holding my crayons.

Thank you Meredith for sharing such a fun ribbon-rific project with us. These notebooks are adorable and I love the added touch the buttons give along with the ribbons. With all of the fabulous ribbon and buttons, there are so many great looks that could be achieved with mixing and matching different colors, designs, and textures. LOVE IT!! For more inspiring and cute, cute crafts by Meredith, make sure to hop on over to her blog at Wait Til Your Father Gets Home. Cute name right?!?

Are you a fellow doodler and notebook lover? I have to admit, I also really like pens. Pens of all colors, shapes and sizes. I am not super picky, I just really like them all. Because notebooks seem to be the theme today, check out this other fun way to decorate your notebook or Summer Adventure Tracker (just the name alone sounds exciting! I think my boys would most definitely use one of these fabulous notebooks with a name like that)!

Fabric Covered Notebooks - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Fabric Covered Notebook

Do your kiddos do a lot of reading during the summer months, or do you? I love these cute bookmarks, and I think they work perfectly with a Ribbon Notebook to hold your spot and guarantee that your written adventures could always be found quickly!

Ribbon and Feather Bookmarks - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Ribbon and Feather Bookmarks

Fabric Bookmark Tutorial - Perfect gifts for the readers in your life! {The Ribbon Retreat Blog}
Fabric Bookmarks

What are your big summer plans to keep your kiddos busy? Please share!! I need some new, fresh ideas!

Happy Creating & Happy Ribbon Notebooks!
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