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Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Hey Friends! I’m Beth from the blog Free Stylin’. I’m so happy to be back at The Ribbon Retreat again! I previously posted how to make a Lego and Toy Organizer. Check it out HERE. Football season is in the air, and today I’m going to show you how to make super cute Spirit Pom Poms for the “cheerleader” in your life. 🙂

Lots of little girls love to pretend to be cheerleaders. Now they have their own pom poms to play with! But we don’t want to leave anyone else out. 🙂 Got a son or daughter playing in the game? Moms can make these pom poms, in their child’s school colors, to wave during the game. Or are you cheering along with your student who is in the band or cheering on the sidelines? I’ll show you how to personalize your pom poms so they can be special to YOUR team and YOUR star.

And here’s the great part: this is a NO SEW project! Whoohoo! 🙂

So, are you ready to make your own Spirit Pom Poms? Let’s get started!

Here’s how to make Spirit Pom Poms:

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Supplies (for two Pom Poms):

*Ribbon or fabric strips in your team’s colors

I used Solid Grosgrain in Orange (1 1/2″)

Chevron in Orange (1 1/2″)

Solid Grosgrain in White (7/8″)

Polka Dots in Orange (1 1/2″)

Candy Dots in Autumn Orange (1 1/2″)

*glue gun and glue sticks

*2 pencils


Instructions (for one Pom Pom):

Step 1: Measure and cut the ribbon.
I cut each ribbon THREE times at 14 inches each (15 ribbon strips total). I then cut one more white ribbon at 9 inches. (Now you have 16 ribbon strips in all.)

Spirit Pom Poms

Step 2: Separate the ribbon into THREE piles using one ribbon for each pile. Add the extra 9 inch ribbon to one of the piles.

Step 3: Cut each pile in half. You now have SIX piles of ribbons.

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step 4: Tie each pile using twine, thread, or even additional ribbon together.

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step 5: Take three ribbon piles and tie them together. Separate and fluff ribbons. Then tie the remaining three ribbon piles together. Separate and fluff ribbons. Now combine these two large ribbon piles into one big pom pom. Cut one more piece of ribbon and tie it around the pom pom. This will hide all of the strings or thread.

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step 6: Remember the one 9 inch ribbon? We will use this to customize the pom pom. This ribbon should be hanging a little longer than all the others. Using a paint pen, permanent marker, Sharpie, puff paint….whatever you have on hand (I had a gold pen), write a personalized message on your ribbon. Examples include “Jackson #12,” “Go Tigers,” “Jessica – Clarinet,” or “Addison – JV Cheerleader.” Whatever YOU want to say.
We are Texas Longhorn fans around here, so I put, “Hook ‘Em!

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step 7: Wrap the pencil with ribbon. Following the pictures below, top to bottom and left to right:

*Put a dab of hot glue on the eraser and fold the ribbon up to the eraser.

*Add a dot of glue to the left side at the bottom. Fold over. Repeat on the right side.

*Twist ribbon in a spiral and glue every inch or so.

*Add a dot of glue down inside at the top of the ribbon and pencil. Twist shut.

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Step 8: Generously apply hot glue deep inside the pom pom and onto the pencil. Attach the pencil to the pom pom.

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Fluff and separate the ribbon a little more if you need to, and then you’re done!!

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Ribbon Spirit Pom Poms - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

No matter what your team’s colors, The Ribbon Retreat has a ton of ribbons and fabric in every color of the rainbow. So making each pom pom to match your team, or your child’s favorite color(s), is easy!

Do you feel full of school spirit? Are you ready to go cheer on your favorite team, band, fan, etc??? These Pom Poms are the perfect addition to any event and also…just in time for a Cheery Halloween Costume! Thank you so much Beth for sharing this really creative project with us today! What a fun way to use ribbon and to showcase your creative skills!

The Ribbon Retreat is filled to the brim with gorgeous ribbon, ribbon, and more RIBBON! We have every color and design you can imagine. We also have Spooooktacular Halloween ribbon. The Ribbon Retreat even has exclusive colors and designs you will ONLY find here! Come and take a look at all of the fun and see what colors and designs you will pick for your Pom Pom project or ANY project you may be working on! Click here for pure ribbon bliss!

What is your favorite ribbon color and design?

Happy Creating & Happy Cheering!
Signature - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

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  1. Posted October 10, 2013 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    I made these for my daughter’s school. She’s now ready to get involved with pep rally’s. Thanks for this tutorial- it was fun to make!

    • The Ribbon Retreat
      Posted October 12, 2013 at 11:12 am | Permalink

      Hi Jessica! Yay! I am so glad you made these fun fun pom poms! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. Lynda
    Posted February 20, 2014 at 3:57 pm | Permalink

    Love this tutorial. I will be making these Pom poms for my granddaughters so they can cheer on the Sabercats in the fall.

    • Posted February 21, 2014 at 7:43 am | Permalink

      Hi Lynda! Yay! Thank you for your sweet comment. Your little “cheerleaders” will look amazing cheering on their team with these adorable pom poms! Have so much fun making them and have a wonderful day! Michelle 🙂

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