Simple Tulle Hair Bow, YouTube Video

Simple Tulle Hair Bow, YouTube Video - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Ok Ribbon Retreat video tutorial viewers…are you ready for a suuuuuuper easy and suuuuuuper adorable hair bow? Everyone in the house say OOOOOOHHHHH-YA!!! Today, Shirley is sharing an easy…I mean EASY hair bow made from the amazing and always gorgeous tulle! I love tulle! Don’t you? It is sheer, shimmery, simple and stunning all in one! It can be fancy or casual and just plain fabulous! You can dress it up or down to achieve the perfect look you are going for!

With just a few simple wraps around your hand and a strip of tulle tied around the center, you will have this new Simple Tulle Hair Bow down in minutes! This video tutorial is great, but this bow is greater…more great…greater, whatever it is, this bow is FABulous! Let’s get started!


Tulle (3″ or 6″ width)
Coordinating Lined Clip
Hot Glue Gun

Enjoy this great video tutorial and this terrific Tulle Hair Bow!

Have you ever worked with tulle? Do you love it? It is so easy to work with, but it is full of personality and adds a splash of color to whatever you add it to! I am a little bit of a tulle lover and so you can often find bits of tulle laying around my house from my latest craft project or bow I just whipped together for my little miss! Tulle is seriously the best! I love this simple bow Shirley shared today and can’t wait to add a great bundle of them to our massive bow drawer…anyone have one of those?

Make sure to head over to The Ribbon Retreat to check out our amazing selection of tulle AND glimmer tulle. There are over 70 colors, between the two types, for you to choose from. With that many colors, there shouldn’t be an outfit in your closet or your little girlee’s that goes un-accessorized! Find all of our tulle HERE!

Along with a wonderful selection of tulle, The Ribbon Retreat has a wonderful YouTube Channel with amazing and easy to follow video tutorials just like today’s! There are a bunch of fun tulle projects among others like felt and ribbon that create eye catching hair accessories, articles of clothing and decorations for your home! We are sure there is at least one but probably like twenty videos just for you, and they are all perfect for any and all crafting levels. Head over to The Ribbon Retreat’s YouTube Channel today, to see all of the exciting things happening over there! You will be amazed, thrilled and pure inspired to get your crafty fingers movin’!

Here are a few of the terrific video tutorials you will find on our YouTube Channel…

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What video tutorial project are you going to try first?

Happy Creating & Happy Video Tutorials!
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