Simple Valentine’s Day Inspired Bows

Happy Monday morning everyone! So….how did your team do last night in the biggest football game of the year???? Since you may be recovering from some major vocal chord overload and strain or maybe you didn’t catch the game but still need some much needed R and R from a crazy busy weekend of finishing up some Valentine’s Day crafting or valentine cards or skiing or whatever floats your boat on weekends, Hehe!, let’s start out the week with a super simple, yet super adorable, set of easy peasy bows! Meredith from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home is sharing some festive and fabulous hair bows perfect for your little Valentine! Enjoy!

Hello fellow crafters! I’m Meredith.  I’m a wife, a mama, a milk pourer, diaper changer, and hot dog cutter.  Up until about a year and a half ago, I was also a boy mom.  Now I’m also a girl mom which means I get to make sweet little bows for the beautiful sweet pea currently sleeping upstairs.  As you may have guessed, I’m also a blogger.  My neck of the woods is Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.  When I chose that name for my blog, my hubs was a member of the normal 9-5 crowd.  Now we are fortunate enough to have him working from home, ironic, huh?!

Simple Valentine's Day Inspired Bows - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Back to the hair bows.  My little one is still young and her hair isn’t very long yet.  It does have a tendency to fall into her eyes unless I have a clip or bow securing it back on one side.  I love to use alligator clips because they don’t get caught in her still growing baby hair and go in super easily.

Supplies Needed:
Partially Lined Clips (White Set of (6) Six Clips)
Hearts-Red 1.25″x1″ Set of TWO
Polka Dots (Light Pink with White A 7/8″)
Solid Grosgrain-Schiff (001 White A 1/4″)
Solid Grosgrain-Schiff (004 Baby Pink B 3/8″)
Polka Dots (Red with White A 7/8″)
needle & thread
hot glue & glue gun
lighter or fray check
All ribbon and hardware for clips can be found at The Ribbon Retreat!

Red and Pinkalicious Valentine's Day crafts
The method I used for creating the bows can be easily adapted for size.  I like my bows to be small.  I know I live in the south where the motto is usually “the bigger the bow, the better”, but I don’t fall into that category.  So, if you’re a go big or go home kinda bow maker, then by all means…make yours bigger!  For each bow, I used two types and widths of ribbon.  For the red and white bow with the heart, I went with a 7/8″ red and white polka dot ribbon and solid white grosgrain ribbon in 1/4″.

Simple Valentine's Day Inspired Bows - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
If you want to be precise, definitely use a tape measure or ruler to measure out your ribbon.  I simply put mine near the pre-made clip I’d be using and went from there.  I knew I wanted my bows to be about the same size as the clip itself.  I started with the largest ribbon and folded each end in, dividing the ribbon into thirds (1).  Once it was folded into thirds (2), I folded that in half and pinched it to make a slight crease.  This is where I began using my needle and thread (3).  I pinched the center together to make it more bow like (4) and began tightly wrapping the thread around the center several times (5).

Simple Valentine's Day Inspired Bows - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I tied off the thread in the back of the bow and began on my next layer, using the same method that I did with the red and white polka dot ribbon (6).  Once the second layer was complete, I secured both ribbons together by wrapping the center of both with the needle and thread.  Next, I used a small piece of the white grosgrain to cover the thread in the center (7).  I secured it on the backside with a few dabs of hot glue and finally hot glued the resin heart to the front center (8).  I also used hot glue to attach the bow to my alligator clip.

Simple Valentine's Day Inspired Bows - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
I made a similar style bow with light pink and white ribbons and decided not to add a heart to that one.  I love them both!  They are both so sweet in my little one’s hair and a perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day outfit!

Simple Valentine's Day Inspired Bows - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
If you enjoyed this project, I’d love for you to stop by and say HI sometime soon!  You can find me in the usual spots, FacebookTwitterPinterest {LOVE me some Pinterest}, and Instagram.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well Meredith and thank you so very much for sharing these sweet little bows with us today! Your little model is adorable and those Simple Valentine’s Day Inspired Bows look so cute in her precious little hair! For more awesome project by this talented lady, make sure to stop by her blog
Wait Til Your Father Gets Home!

Sweet, simple and so super stupendous…you can’t go wrong with that! I love me some cute little bows and those resin hearts are divine! You can easily whip two or ten of these cute bows out in no time, AND they are the perfect scrap buster project for all of you out there with little bits of ribbon lying around! Yay! I also love me scrap buster projects! Bonus and bonus for these fun bows!

If you are loving these sweet bows too, you are sure to love all of the fabulous hair bow tutorials found right here at The Ribbon Retreat! From big and bold to sweet and simple, we have a bow for every hair bow lover in your home! Check out all of our bow tutorials right HERE! Below you will find a few of my favorite…I think you’ll like them too!

Two Color Twisted Boutique Hair Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Jumbo Hair Bow Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Bow Tie Bows...with and without tails - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Get all of your ribbon and other hair bow supplies right here at The Ribbon Retreat! We have so many different designs and colors (psssst…some that are even exclusive to only The Ribbon Retreat), widths, and even some with ruffles, glitter and sequins…I know, pinch me too! Find all of our fabulous ribbon and SO SO many more crafty supplies HERE! Oh, and you might love knowing that basically everyday we have a super awesome SALE going on! Yep, sounds too good to be true, but it is so so true!

Simple Valentine's Day Inspired Bows - The Ribbon Retreat Blog
Happy Creating & Happy Hair Bows!
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